Don't Become A Puppet Of The World
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Don't Become A Puppet Of The World

Don't be a puppet, this world is not meant to be a dollhouse.

Don't Become A Puppet Of The World
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This world is full of strings; strings that attach themselves to innocents in order to corrupt, to instigate, to incite anger. This world was built upon principle, upon love, upon working together for the greater good. Just look around, look at all the hate, the anger, the mistrust, the utter corruption. Look at how the government has changed since the Founding Fathers, not just in America, but across the globe.

Look at how the media has morphed from being tactical and a practical method of getting unbiased news out to inform the people of the world, but now has used their literary power in order to paint a picture of what the people should think instead of letting the poor souls decide for themselves. This world has become much like a overgrown dollhouse, planting strings upon the limbs of the citizens that choose to believe what they're being fed, the lies, the corruption.

People are targeted, targeted for multiple different reasons. This world doesn't want everyone to be happy, it can't stand it. Something devastating is not supposed to bring people together, where's the story in that? No, they twist stories to incite anger, provoke riots and protests, paint the illusion that there cannot be any good in that particular situation. How else would you believe that gender and race wars are now a regular occurrence? Think about it.

When all of the cop hate was going on, some media outlets took the side and painted the cops are the offender, the bad person while others took the opposite approach and painted the picture that the cops were the victims in the events. They attached the invisible strings to whomever took whichever side; pitting them against each other; causing riots, spite, protests, and arguments for the sake of arguing. Because they don't want people to know the whole story, they are only to know the side they want them to know; allow them to jump to conclusions; make their dolls provide a bigger story, a better that is never ending.

Look at the election. Some outlets were pro-Clinton and you could easily tell. Some were pro-Trump, again you could tell. There was nothing left for the imagination, nothing to ponder over, just the fact that one or the other was the absolute worst enemy. Very rarely did the same outlet share both the good and the bad pertaining to the candidates.

Again, the strings were attached and look what happened. We are having march after march pertaining to various topics like the Women's March or the march for science. Yes, the government is changing, but under the influences we are becoming the puppets---the dolls---of this world. Doing exactly what the puppet master wants, to not have peace.

What happened to giving both sides of the story? Do you ever wonder if both sides were told truthfully, how this world would be? There would be no puppet masters trying to control the public for their own advantage. Maybe there would finally be peace without hate.

Don't be a puppet, this world is not meant to be a dollhouse; you have free will for a reason. Don't let yourself be swayed, learn the facts from both sides before deciding. Don't let them attach the strings, you're not a puppet or a doll to be played and toyed with, you're a human being allowed to choose for your own self no matter what the government or the media tries to paint.

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