The Distance Between Us

Sometimes the distance between friends can throw a slap of reality into your face. We used to be so close, but as time goes on we grow further apart and I would have never thought there would be so much distance between us. It breaks my heart but makes me realize the cold hard truth. I understand that we have moved on and you have completely moved on and you are busy. Taking a look at our entire friendship we were not as close as I would have liked but you were there for me, and it is hard to face reality that we will never be as close as we were. Though it breaks my heart, I understand that we can't have the friendship we used to, because your priorities have changed. Reality keeps slapping me in the face when I realize the truth, that the distance between us is there. It is hard for me to say that the distance is there because we will probably never be as close as we used to be, however for me it is harder to move on because that is just a part of me that reminded of what I enjoyed the most. I do miss you and the friendship we have. I love you and the distance between us is there and though it breaks my heart, but I do truly care and will always love you though the distance between us is something I never would have imagined being there, and I realize it is time to face reality head on, but it is also very hard for me to accept, I will continue to pray for you and your family and I hope you will do the same for me as I have these many years; and I am sorry for the distance between us as friends and that distance that started to grow; but I do still love you and will always be here if you need me.

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