Everything Wrong With Dating Culture Today

This is the tragedy that is modern dating.

1. Texting is a main form of communication

Everybody texts nowadays, it's normal, but texting in no ways compares to face to face communication. Talking in person allows you to spend quality time together and actually get to know each other.

Texting has introduced the "did I use the wrong emoji??" and the "how long do I wait to reply?" anxieties. These may sound ridiculous but all girls experience this.

2. No one wants to commit

There are so many people who are in the "talking stage." They're not dating but they'll go on dates occasionally while keeping all their options open.

Sure it may sound nice but when you really like someone and want to actually date, that's when this stage gets annoying as heck. I've witnessed so many times and experienced it myself.

So many girls and guys are "talking" to multiple people at a time and this is considered normal. How are you ever supposed to start a serious relationship if you are constantly "talking" to several people?

3. Ghosting happens all the time

Ghosting someone means completely stopping communication with them without telling them why.

Ghosting someone is so easy today since we are so dependent on technology for our communication.

Go back fifteen years and this would not be happening.

Being ghosted is annoying but is usually brushed off as if it's nothing which is so weird to me, it shouldn't be socially acceptable to just drop someone with no explanation.

4. Dates have become so casual

Dates now are hanging out together and watching Netflix. What happened to the guy walking to the doorstep to pick the girl up and take her to a restaurant? Dates that are so evident today don't seem to have any effort.

I can confidently say that most girls would rather go out and do something fun rather than staying inside watching TV.

5. Relationships are publicly advertised

There are so many couples in the world that are posting how much they love each other on their social media's. Sure, this can be cute but it can also be problematic. There's no need to publicly post every little thing about a relationship.

This also creates pressure on those not in relationships to constantly see these posts.

6. Hookup culture

The hookup culture is very evident today, especially in college. No one wants a real relationship. People build relationships on the physical level and that's it.

There's no getting to know each other, none of the emotional intimacy or commitment.

Trying to date in the world today can be very annoying and at times, feels impossible, but us girls have to believe that there are still some good guys out there.

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