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The Chacos Debate

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When asked about his Z-strap sandals, third-year Nate Brown remarked, Chacos are the cutting-edge, dynamic sandal for the modern outdoors enthusiast. Enough said.

I have to disagree. I think there is much more to be said about these shoes and their sudden rampant popularity in the past couple years. Admittedly, just walking around grounds today, I counted five of my sorority sisters wearing Chacos. Maybe Im really just holding the unpopular opinion here, but I wanted to bring to light some of the main points of the Chaco debate.

Some common pros for Chacos:

Comfort: This is something that all Chaco-wearers seem to agree on and is the primary answer to the why Chacos? question.  Second-year Ellie Leech claimed, They just massage my foot when Im walking around.

Function: Chacos are durable, waterproof, and useful for hiking and other outdoor activities. Third-year Cameron Todd called them casual and functional. They are the sandals you can take anywhere!

That outdoorsy feeling: Second-year Kate Clark called the shoes more than a little granola.

My cons:

Appearance: I think most of us can admit that Chacos are just really ugly, which is why theyve been frequently nicknamed, ugly Jesus sandals. Second-year Caroline Larsen said, I think they are the ugliest shoes ever. And I dont understand the appeal.

Calling attention to your feet: Chacos unnaturally accentuate your feet, drawing a lot of attention and making them look like bricks.

The infamous Chaco tan: We all know what Im talking about. I know many Chaco-wearers take pride in this, but is the zig-zag tan line actually attractive, or is this just furthering ones ability to make it clear that he or she is a Chaco wearer?

Conformity: I often wonder how many people who have Chacos actually like them. In actuality, are these people really just following a trend and buying them because other people have them? First-year Sam Kraus said that wearing Chacos is about feeling good and having unity with all other Chaco wearers.

I think we should consider the cost (not only the financial, but stylistic). There are plenty of alternatives to Chacos. Rainbows, for example, are my personal favorite choice for a comfy summer sandal. So when you get dressed tomorrow, ask yourself: Are you conquering a mountain today? Do you really need to be that comfortable?

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