Here Are Some Good Things That Happened This Year
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The Bests of 2018

We may have all hated this year, but there were some hidden gems.

The Bests of 2018

Whenever any year comes to a close, social media is bombarded with posts about how the next year will be "the golden year." People always seem to disregard all the good things that occurred once New Year's Eve approaches. Personally, I don't like to look back and focus solely on the negative, but instead, recognize what my favorite moments were.

For some people, this list may be completely different (or just inaccurate), but I encourage everyone to look for the things they enjoyed from the year and reflect upon 2018 with humility, not aggression.

The Best Animated Movie: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


As someone who is a fan of superheroes, I was skeptical when I watched the trailer for this movie. I felt like they were changing the original storyline too much, and I worried that this type of animation would just give me a headache after ten minutes. However, I was completely wrong. This movie was not only animated brilliantly, but extremely entertaining. It was funny, heart-wrenching, and a perfect film for people of virtually all ages.

The Best Thriller: Searching


This was another movie that I originally judged much too harshly over the commercials. I thought it was just another overdone missing-persons movie that would put me to sleep after thirty minutes. Once the movie actually started, I don't think I blinked until the ending credits. It kept me engaged the entire time and consistently surprised me when I thought there was nothing else they could shock me with. I audibly gasped multiple times in the theatre (and I think I even screamed).

Best Break-Up Song: Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande


After the incredibly difficult year that Ariana Grande had, I have nothing but respect for her strength and journey. Once she came out with this song, my admiration only grew. The song is basically perfect for any mood you're in, but especially powerful to anyone who's trying to recover from a break-up. She taught us that we all have something to learn from our exes, and even though we may feel broken, we will earn the courage to move onto something better in the future. Plus, her video was iconic.

Best Song to Cry to: When the Party's Over by Billie Eilish


Obviously, Billie Eilish has a ton of hits that can fit virtually any situation, but this specific song really resonated with me. The first time I heard it, the haunting melody caused me to sob in my room. So naturally, I listened to the song on repeat approximately fifty more times. Now, even though I have memorized basically every note and rhythm, I still catch myself getting teary-eyed when it comes on my Spotify.

Best Video: This is America by Childish Gambino


Despite how controversial this video may have become, I am still in full awe and support of Childish Gambino's incredible craftsmanship. No matter where you stand, everyone can agree that his dance moves were brilliant and the myriad symbolic messages he cleverly sent were very impressive. Personally, I think that this is the exact type of video the American public needed to see. It brought up important conversations regarding black injustice in our country, and I hope it continues to do so.

The Best in Diets: Reduced Meat Consumption


According to a recent survey, seventy percent of the global population is somehow reducing their meat consumption. As much as people may hate those "hipster" vegans (guilty as charged), this is not only a win for our population's health, but for our environment. More people have become aware of the effects that consuming animal products can have on the planet, as it is depleting our water sources. Hopefully, this is a trend that will grow beyond 2018.

The Best Public Action: Voting


The gubernatorial race marked the highest percentage of eligible voters showing up to the polls since 1966, at almost fifty percent. This was a great win for the nation, as people are finally starting to exercise their ability to vote and assert themselves in the political world. Although these statistics do not necessarily show that people are becoming more politically educated, I believe it may pave the future for that type of reality.

Even if 2018 was the worst year of your life, maybe you can relish in the fact that there were still some great strides and successes. This year was not particularly awful for me, but I'm still ready to begin a new chapter in my life and see what 2019 can potentially bring. As a great philosopher once said, "thank u, next."

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