With the world becoming a scary place, and the news being constantly pessimistic, we tend to forget about all the good in the world. Ever since 2018 has begun, everything has just gone downhill. I’m here to remind you about the brighter side of life, even though it almost seems impossible right now.

1. Winter Olympics

A time where everyone comes together, and participates in what they love to do. Thankfully, the news has been taken over by this and we get to see less of the bad side of the media, and more Shaun White.

2. Kylie Jenner’s Baby Revealing

I mean we all knew what was coming since she had been MIA for so long, but of course, we still acted surprised about her daughter being born. A happy moment in history bringing another Jenner/Kardashian into the world.

3. Black Panther Movie

Another good moment of 2018 was the Black Panther Movie being released, and seeing Michael B. Jordan was a major plus too.


Sting the dog who wanted little kids to come read to him but sadly no one showed up at first. Once his owner made his picture go viral, kids were lining up to read to Sting.

5. The Puppy Bowl

Along with the Super Bowl is something even better, the Puppy Bowl. This year though they changed it up a bit by including dogs that are adoptable from areas hit by natural disasters.

6. Co-workers Surprising Single Dad

When Trenton Lewis’s co-workers found out he walked 11 miles to work every day in order to provide for his daughter, they surprised him with a car. THERE ARE STILL GOOD PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD.

7. 90,000 Valentines Sent To A Hospital

This Valentine’s Day children from Cincinnati’s Children Hospital were showered with love from people all over the world.

8. Los Angeles Parking Meters Help Homeless

Recently, Los Angeles have installed parking meters where all proceeds will go towards housing homeless people in the area.

9. Justin Timberlake's Halftime Performance

Superbowl? You mean the Justin Timberlake concert. Another time where family and friends were able to get together and enjoy one another’s company on a Sunday night.

These are just a few positive moments that have happened in 2018 so far. So, don’t look so much into the negative side of the news and always try to find happy news as well, because I promise you it’s out there.