To The Rest Of 2018, Here's To Me

I think some of us can agree in some shameful context that 2018 was not the best year. At least for me, it was a more down year than I'd really like to admit. But that's not exactly how I'd like the rest of year to end up being.

As is anything, life is all that you make it out to be. Whether it's a rainy day spent doing fun activities, or a sour memory turned sweet, you're in control of what the outcome is.

With the last couple weeks rounding out 2018, I've made a vow to myself to not let me slump in the dark days that I've called the past few months.

To the end of 2018 and what 2019 will bring!

1. Think of the best thing that happened each month.

Looking back at past achievements or past good days is one of the best and worst feelings. Best because they can leave you feeling happy; worst because they can leave a sour taste in your mouth. But thinking about things you've accomplished and succeeded in the past 12 months helps to leave you feeling satisfied with your own actions.

2. What do you have to look forward to?

I can be the first to say I'm guilty of doing the exact opposite of this. A lot of times when I'm in a slump all I'm thinking about is the fact that I have absolutely nothing to look forward to. But even thinking about minimal things like someone's birthday or a yummy dinner, it gives you back that glimmer of hope.

3. Your impacts.

Even on dark days, it's really beneficial and helpful to think about the positive milestones you've left on people. Things as small as leaving strangers smiles or cuddles with your dogs have long-lasting impacts. Everything you do matters!

4. Dive into your friends and family.

Spending time with your loved ones and people that you care about is the ultimate cure to making any dark day bright again. Allowing yourself to be happy with what's going on can leave a substantial impact on your daily mood. Let yourself be happy with the comfort of your family and friends.

5. How can you improve yourself in the coming years?

Didn't reach your goals this year? Fell short of what you wanted to accomplish? It's okay, to be completely honest, neither did I! But don't let that detour you from wherever it is that you want to be. Use that as your motivation to push yourself further to reaching those goals.

I can be the one to admit that no year ever feels successful without the feeling of accomplishing what you wanted. Sometimes we fall short of those dreams or ambitions we set for ourselves. Don't let the fact there's only a couple weeks left determine what could happen!

Take each day as its own and run with what you want. What you put forth gets given back.

To 2019 and beyond, it's all yours.

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