Another year is quickly approaching, which means another resolution to set for yourself. Everyone should keep this resolution is mind. Do not forget about it after a month. The best resolution to set is to take care of yourself. After a rough 2017, I’ve personally learned that self-care is very important. When you begin to set goals and focus on taking care of yourself, you begin to find happiness within. Begin with falling asleep at a decent hour. If you have trouble falling asleep, turn on your favorite show and listen to music to make sure you get a good sleep. Set alarms in order to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Don’t hit snooze. Turn off your alarm and get yourself out of bed, even if it is a difficult task.

It is also so important to do something you love. I was recently told that doing something you love prevents stress and can bring you true happiness. When you aren't doing something you love, you are forced to surround yourself with your issues. Do something that puts a smile on your face and helps you escape from life for a while. Take care of your health. Don’t eat junk food just because you “feel like it” in the moment. Keep yourself hydrated and keep yourself clean.

Make sure to manage your time in order to avoid stress and to avoid completing assignments last minute. If you plan out your responsibilities, it is easy to avoid unwanted stress. Focus on these assignments and activities. Don't try to breeze through them to save time. You will thank yourself later.

Indulging in treats should be done every once so often. Leave some room in your diet or budget to eat your favorite treats or buy yourself that pair of shoes you've been spotting for a long time. Not only should you indulge in such ways, but indulge in yourself. Find time to reflect on life through meditation, or even documenting a list of happenings in one day. If things do not seem to be going how you want, find a solution for these issues through meditation.

Lastly, keep in touch with people who mean the most to you. Remove toxic people from your life. I have found that it is extremely important to surround yourself with people who only lift you up, even if it is only a select few individuals.

Do not let go of yourself. Never forget who you are. Follow these items of self-care to find happiness.