10 Of The Best T.V. Couples In The Past 30 Years
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10 Of The Best T.V. Couples In The Past 30 Years

Did your favorites make the cut?

10 Of The Best T.V. Couples In The Past 30 Years

Although T.V. shows are great to keep up with because of the drama, the action, and the plot twists; the relationships and romances between the characters are by far the best. Seeing your favorite characters get together, back together, and together again is such an exhilarating experience, that I am nowhere struggling to narrow down my favorite T.V. show relationships to 10 all-star couples from T.V shows dating back to the 1990s.

Note: this is not in a particular order as each relationship is so different and can’t really be ranked.

So here it goes….

1. Nathan and Haley - "One Tree Hill"

These two were pure magic on our T.Vs screens for years on end. From epic kisses in the rain, on the basketball court, and even in their own home eventually raising their adorable son, Nathan and Haley were destined to be together.

2. Jim and Pam- "The Office"

This couple had such a relatable and real-life type of journey throughout the time “The Office” ran that they became practically everyone favorite couple. From collies to lifelong partners raising a family, these two had a love that contained to blossom and revolves in both a comical and beautiful way.

3. Jughead and Betty - "Riverdale"

Partners in crimes, Jughead and Betty complement each other perfectly! Both from completely different backgrounds, these two still fight for their right to be happy and together. Hopefully, they continue to grow as a couple, being that "Riverdale" is only in its second season and these characters are still in high school.

4. DJ and Steve - "Full House"

They fell in love young. They were funny and a great pairing, making "Full House" even more enjoyable to watch. However, they did not end up together on the original series but it is rumored that on the spin-off "Fuller House," they will get back together for good.

5. Jack and Rebecca - "This Is Us"

This couple is so inspirational and a perfect example of everlasting love. Although they went through enormous amounts of tragedies including losing one of their children, Jack going through his addiction issues, and ultimately losing their home to a fire. These two always had each others' love to depend on. Even though Jack lost his life trying to get the family dog, his love for Rebecca and for his family never wavered and was always expressed effortlessly.

6. Ross and Rachel - "Friends"

An on-and-off again relationship that ultimately ended in a happily ever after, this relationship really was one of the most talked about T.V. show relationships of the '90s. Although Ross always had feelings for Rachel since they were teenagers, they never acted on their feelings until many episodes in. However, once they finally got it together, they ended up being a wonderful couple.

7. Damon and Elena - "The Vampire Diaries"

Although Elena may have dated Damon’s brother when she first met the Salvatore brothers, she and Damon always had an unexplainable spark. Damon had loved Elena at first sight but wanted her to be happy so he put his feelings aside, so she could be happy with his brother. However, once the two did finally give into their feelings towards each other, they fought through every imaginable obstacle to be together.

8. Rachel and Finn - "Glee"

It was a tale as old as time. The football player falls for a nerdy yet ambitious student. Rachel and Finn, despite all of their differences, always bonded over their love for music and they fell in love so young yet there love was so strong. Even in real life, these two were a couple until the Finn (Cory Monteith) passed away due to a drug overdose, showing their onscreen chemistry was more than just mere acting.

9. Donna and David - "Beverly Hills 90210"

David and Donna were the stable OTP of Beverly Hills 90210. Amongst all the drama and broken relationships, these two ended up together happily married by the season finale after being on and off since they were sophomores in high school.

10. Claire and Jamie-"Outlander"

A relationship that defies time, this is by far one of the most unique couples on my list. Claire and Jamie met when Claire travels back in time from 20th century to the 18th century and meets Jamie. Although Claire had a life before him and a husband in the 20th century whom she actually raises her child with Jami with, her one true love would always be Jaime.

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