The Best Nights Are The Nights We Forget To Document

The Best Nights Are The Nights We Forget To Document

Forget about texting everyone back and continuously taking pictures for a minute.


Imagine forgetting about your phone. Seems impossible in this day in age…. right? We constantly have our phones out, whether it's for texting or checking social media. We’re constantly posting on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and whatnot. We’re constantly trying to “one up” that chick we talked to once in high school. We are constantly trying to prove to social media that our life isn’t boring. We get so caught up in trying to document the night for others to see that we forget to enjoy the night ourselves.

Log yourself out of social media.

You don’t have to document every drink you drink or every song you sing with your friends. You can enjoy the night without posting it. Take a picture on your phone so you can save it for later.

Put your phone on "do not disturb."

You are hanging out with your friends... enjoy the time you have together. That guy you're talking to can wait. Your other friends can respect that you are hanging out with other friends. They wouldn’t want you on your phone while you’re hanging out with them. Plus, if someone really needs you, they can call you. We don’t need to be in constant contact with our friends. They will still be there in the morning.

Forget to take pictures; tell stories.

Just because you didn’t take a picture, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. You should be able to share the story too. Our parents didn’t take pictures every time they did things, so why do we have to? Story-telling is more fun anyway.

When you look down, you miss things.

When we look down to send a text or tweet, or to scroll through social media, we tend to miss things. We can miss the funny things our friends are doing or the firework that just went off. When we put our phones away and forget to document the night, we truly take in everything that is happening. We don’t miss a single thing.

Think of all the things you can do with two hands.

When you have both hands free and one isn’t taken over by a phone, you have the mobility to do more things. You don't have to worry about where you set your phone down when you need your second hand.

Some of the best nights of my life are the ones where I forgot about my phone. These are the nights I have the most fun. I don't worry about the unopened text message or the unopened snaps. I don't worry about taking pictures. I truly have too much fun to even worry about taking a picture. These are the nights I truly bond more with my friends. I create life long memories and don't have to ask “what happened?"

Next time you hang out with your friends or family, try this. Not everyone needs to know what you are doing in your life all the time.

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