The best LPL 2022 LoL matches
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The best LPL 2022 LoL matches

League of Legends can confidently be called the most famous MOBA game. Dota 2 tries to compete with it in this direction but the audience of the Riot Games project is bigger.

The best LPL 2022 LoL matches


League of Legends can confidently be called the most famous MOBA game. Dota 2 tries to compete with it in this direction but the audience of the Riot Games project is bigger. Mostly young players play LoL. Even those who are not that serious about the game try not to miss popular tournaments where the strongest teams play. One of them is LPL Schedule & Standings where the best teams in China play. Which matches of the tournament were the most interesting?

Top Esports - Edward Gaming in the upper bracket semi-final

The dramatic outcome took place in the upper bracket semi-final. Top Esports proceeded to this stage of the playoffs automatically, having prevailed in the group. But Edward Gaming placed fifth after its group, so it had to start from the second round. Having reached the semi-final, the outsiders had a good chance to proceed to the upper-bracket final. The team was leading in terms of victorious maps and it was one step away from victory with a score of 1:2. However, Top Esports managed to come back, having won the last two maps. They picked Gnar on the fourth and fifth maps; they had lost on the first map using this hero.

Top Esports - JD Gaming in the upper bracket final

After their advancement to the next stage, Top Esports had to face JD Gaming, their main opponent in the group stage, the JD team was the second in the group stage, following TE. JD Gaming beat the opponent in the semi-finals without problems but the match began with two lost maps. Top Esports had to win the last map and make it further. But the team lost three maps in a row and stepped down to the lower bracket. Such an unpredictable outcome can easily relate this match to one of the best. The bet on the combination of such heroes as Aatrox, Wukong, and Ryze worked well on the third and fourth maps.

Victory Five - LNG Esports in the quarterfinal

VF performed well in the group stage, having placed third. Their first playoff opponent was LNG Esports, which started this stage in the very first round. Victory Five faced big problems with a weaker opponent. The team had to come back every time. As a result, LNG Esports achieved victory on the fifth map, having relied on Wukong and Zeri.

Top Esports - Edward Gaming in the lower bracket final

The opponents who had already faced each other in the semi-final had to play once again to make it to the grand final. Surprisingly, this match was way easier for Top Esports. They defeated Edward Gaming without losing a map.

JD Gaming - Top Esports in the grand final

The rematch was over with the same score as the match in the winner’s final. The opponents were alternating victories and JD Gaming appeared to be stronger again.


LPL 2022 has brought lots of interesting matches to viewers. The intrigue was growing in the last stages of the tournament and the final matches did not leave LoL fans indifferent.

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