The Beauty Of Music Festivals
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The Beauty Of Music Festivals

The place where fantasy and reality come together.

The Beauty Of Music Festivals
Noel Stroner

There exists a magical place where everyone sparkles, unicorns and fairies prevail, and where harsh words are not even a concept. This place sounds too good to be true, right? I'm not even exaggerating (well, maybe a little). But, seriously! When one goes to their first music festival, one is introduced to kindness and harmony that is unrivaled in the real world, not to mention doused in glitter every time someone hugs you (which can happen quite frequently). Music festivals are a place of acceptance, fantasy, and what seems so much like magic.

What makes these festivals so beautiful and great? It can't just be the music. It is the people that attend. You might be camping in the middle of nowhere, but your new tent neighbors that just pulled up are more than willing to share their graham crackers that you forgot for s'mores, and that girl that complimented you on your shoes? She will give you 14 glow sticks just to show how much she appreciated them. You might find yourself laying in the grass, talking about aliens with a new friend you just met from Australia, or maybe you happen to get separated from the people you came with just to find you're actually comfortable doing the running man with the new people surrounding you. There is no judgement from anyone here, no harsh words or cliques. Everyone is a friend for when you're in need, or when you want to get down to some tunes.

Music festivals are their own reality. Maybe its something in the air when you find that everything has a sparkly, bright look to it (literally). Did that girl just walk by dressed as a woodland fairy? In that moment, you can believe she is one. There's a life sized Pikachu standing by the water foundation, and every group that walks past you in doused in glitter. Are these people and this place fantasy or reality? Its hard to tell, but whose worried about the specifics when you're dancing the night away to some Bassnectar surrounded by all of these beautiful beings. A music festival is a place where it is okay to forget about your day job and math class for a while. It is a place where these things don't matter, and the only thing that does is being who you truly want, whether it be a fairy, disco queen, or Chewbacca. Maybe even a mix of all three.

While the people and atmosphere of music festivals truly make these events so unique, the real magic lies in one reason... The music. How absolutely magical is it that thousands of people from all over the world from all different walks of life can come together for just ONE reason? The music is what makes all of this magic happen, and is the glue that seals everyone together for a perfect weekend. It is the magic that erases any physical, cultural, and emotional barriers, because it is the one true reason why every packs up their tent and decides to rough it and get sweaty for the weekend.

Music festivals are where I can let my freak flag fly, and gain the courage and inspiration that I infuse into my regular life during the week. Mind opening, magical, and mesmerizing, they are an experience in themselves, with a culture that stands alone and beautiful to any other. Maybe its time to get that Electric Forest or Lollapalooza early bird ticket, round up some friends to do the same, and start planning for a beautiful weekend full of mischief and magic.

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