The Beauty in Rejection
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The Beauty in Rejection

Life is full of no's and it sucks, but sometimes you can change your perspective a get the most out of a rejection.

The Beauty in Rejection

Beauty is a complicated thing. How does someone define something that every single person has a different perception of? We can give a basic definition, but regarding really understanding beauty, that's where it gets difficult. Rejection, on the other hand, is straightforward and easy to understand. How can these two be related?

Getting rejected when you find something that seems so perfect can be devastating. I spent a lot of time sending out resumes and cover letters for intern positions. I found job after job that seemed ideal, exactly what I wanted, and something I knew I could do exceptionally well.

I immediately received three interviews and felt invincible. I went to each interview feeling like I nailed each and every one of them. Even those jobs I hadn't received an interview for I still thought, "I got this." Boy was I wrong, soon rejection email after rejection email started flooding in. You could say I lost all hope for an internship or job.

Of course, your parents are there to tell you "keep trying, it's just not the right one," but I thought if I heard that one more time I was going to scream. In fact, they weren't wrong, like usual, and I knew that, but I didn't want to accept it. I'm still getting rejection emails, and they aren't getting any easier, but I decided to take each rejection email and make it their loss, not mine.

Because I was rejected from all these positions, I took an internship for a data company. This was not very intriguing to me, but I wanted to gain experience. What I didn't expect is that I loved it. I was able to learn about start-ups, marketing and social media and all in new ways I wouldn't have been able to without this position. Thanks to Data Wonderment, I can say as a first-semester senior I have a job, a real-world adult job as a communications coordinator.

I can't say this wouldn't have happened if I had been offered one of my "ideal" internships. What I can say is by stepping out of my comfort zone I now have a better understanding of my job, major and goals. For that, I am incredibly grateful for rejection.

Someone telling you no gives you the chance to take a new path, to find a new perspective. The beauty of rejection is that although rejected, that doesn't mean it's over. While rejection to me will never be beautiful, what it can be is insightful.

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