Monday brought the three-hour premiere of "The Bachelor" and we have all been waiting for it. Let me tell y'all, it has already been a wild ride! For starters, one contestant brought her dog with her and gave it to Colton to look after during the season. Who does that?! No good dog mom, that is for sure. There was also another contestant that faked an Australian accent because she wanted to stand out in her first impression.

Simply based on those two moments, this could definitely be the most dramatic season yet.

Producers showed multiple live viewing parties and three engagements happened in front of the entire world so maybe that is a good sign for Colton? Could 2019 be the season of happy engagements in "The Bachelor" world? I sure hope so.

If you have come this far in reading and need a little recap of Colton Underwood's Bachelor history I am here to remind you. He starred on the most recent season of The Bachelorette featuring Becca. He fell absolutely head over heels in love with her but, unfortunately, Becca's dear friend Tia got in the way breaking up the happy couple and causing Colton to be left heartbroken.

The Bachelor producers gave him a second chance at love when the dropped him into Bachelor in Paradise, with Tia. After they decided they were not compatible he chose to leave the show, yet again women-less.

That brings us to this season of "The Bachelor" and, while many fans do not think Colton was the right choice as Bachelor, we will all pray for him to find love and to break too many hearts.