It's taboo, it's uncomfortable, it's disturbing, it's for your eyes only. We are taught these things from birth, that the very own flesh we embody is a crime. There are laws that have been implemented to shun each other over curves the womb of our mothers have created. There are rules to keep each other in these boxes where we stigmatize skin, and where we perceive it as inherently sexual.

We're creations of the planet, we can be endless things. Our bodies should not be seen as objects, and it should not only be seen as something for someone else's viewing pleasure. We have the power to alter that reality to appeal to different areas of the brain, but we're limited. We're limited by what this society has created for us to believe is the standard.

In reality, America is one of most influential countries in the world. In result of this we fail to see valuable ideals in others. There are many parts of the world that see nudity as a natural part of living. Women are not shamed for owning breasts, and later sold in movies, magazines, and billboards in the same breath like they are in America. Humans are not seen as anything but productive creations, it is not difficult to find comfort in acceptance that has been in abundance from the beginning.

Considering all we are ever taught is that skin is not legal unless it is hidden by an accessorized material, it is easy to misinterpret nudity. It is not the tactic to selling sexual appeal, it is not porn, it is art. We are art. Of course, there are many that will disagree. There are many that are simply not comfortable with the idea of their naked body on display for anyone else but them to see. That's okay. We each have our personal limitations. The idea is, if anyone else decides to do that we should do nothing but embrace their self-love.

Humans create identity beyond what anybody can see on the surface. Life begins and ends at any point, there is no reason why we should oppress the state that nature intended. There should be no reason as why a topless women among topless men is treated differently.. negatively. There should be no reason for a discussion of the naked body and it's beauty to be considered taboo. We are born naked after all, naked of traits and clothing.