To some, fishing is just another hobby, but to others fishing is more of a way of life. Fishing has always been an important aspect of the human life since at least the Paleolithic period. In earlier times, fishing was a way of survival because a great number of people lived off food from the water. Learning to fish comes natural to some, but not so natural to others. No matter how fishing is learned, anyone can become a great fisherman.

The first step to fishing is to gather all the supplies needed to fish such as a fishing pole, hooks, bait and any other supplies that seem useful. Next, it is time to apply the bait to the hook and cast into the water. After applying the bait, it is time to be patient and wait until a fish decides to act upon the bait. Once a fish is hooked, it is time to reel it in to shore. Finally, once a fish is brought ashore, taking the fish off the hook without getting poked is the next step. To remove the fish from the hook, carefully grab the fish starting from the head then work towards the tail so that the fins are lying down instead of pointing out.

Afterwards the choice is up to the fisherman whether he or she wants to keep the fish or not. Now the process of fishing is complete. Fishing does not always have to be about fishing, because sometimes fishing is a peaceful and mind easing activity that is also a great form of meditation. Hopefully after reading this someone is persuaded to try fishing or maybe fishing will become easier to someone. No matter what, fishing will always be around and also an important aspect of survival.