The Ultimate ABC Guide To Visiting New York

ABC, one, two, three, baby, New York State.

A is for Accents.

The New York accent is the best of them all. "Dawg," "Tawk" and "New Yawk" etc.

B is for Big Apple.

The nickname for the greatest city in the world, NYC.

C is for Coney Island.

Located in Brooklyn, Coney Island, is a fantastic place to hit on your summer adventures. What is better than a carnival and the beach?

D is for Dutchess County.

What is considered not upstate New York, but not really downstate either? Dutchess County!

E is for The Empire State Building.

The building that is the tallest in all of the city and outshines the rest.

F is for Fredonia.

This upstate New York town has one of the SUNY liberal arts schools, SUNY Fredonia.

G is for Good Eats.

New York is home to some of the best food and restaurants in the entire world. New York certainly has good eats.

H is for The Hamptons.

This wealthy area has some of the most expensive and extravagant homes in the country.

I is for Ithaca.

Home to the prestigious, Ivy League university, Cornell University.

J is for The New York Jets.

New York's favorite football team (besides the Giants).

K is for (Hell's) Kitchen.

Located in Midtown, the heart of Manhattan.

L is for Long Island.

You know you're from Long Island when you think Long Island should be its own state.

M is for Milk Bar.

Guaranteed you've seen this cake on Instagram at least five times. The ever-so-famous confetti filled delight is from the outstanding Milk Bar in NYC, along with other delicious desserts.

N is for New York City.

O is for Oswego.

Located on Lake Ontario. SUNY Oswego resides here.

P is for Pizza.

Once you've had a slice of New York pizza, your tastebuds are changed forever.

Q is for Queens.

The most diverse place on earth.

R is for The New York Rangers.

New Yorkers go absolutely insane over this hockey team.

S is for SUNY (State University of New York).

No one outside of the east coast will have a clue to what a SUNY school is.

T is for Taxi.

The yellow taxi is the easy way to get around NYC.

U is for Union Square.

The chillest park in all of NYC.

V is for Vacationing.

New York gets millions of vacationers every year. You know New York is touristy when its hard to find an English speaking person in tourist parts of NYC.

W is for Westchester County.

The best county in the country! Resides outside of NYC.

X is for (E)Xtravagant skylines.

Y is for The New York Yankees.

I am particularly not very fond of the Yankees, but I would say eight out of ten New Yorkers probably are.

Z is for (no) ZZZ's.

New York City, "the city that never sleeps."

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