The ABCs Of Life At Penn State
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Student Life

The ABCs Of Life At Penn State

There are certain keywords that trigger memories that are special to each school. Here are the ones from Penn State!

The ABCs Of Life At Penn State

A) Arts Fest-

Arts Fest is such a fun time mid-summer. It is the best time for friends to reunite before fall semester. From pool parties to daylongs, everyone has a blast.

B) Blue & White-

The colors that you love to wear whether it's to class or to a tailgate, these colors probably make up half of your wardrobe. We bleed blue & white!

C) Canyon Pizza-

The most popular place for cheap pizza after a night out. If you eat here while sober, people probably judge you for it, but you probably don't care.

D) Downtown

You definitely find yourself downtown at least twice a week. It's a fun place to go for a shopping spree before game day. The most popular restaurants downtown are probably Roots and Chipotle.

E) East-

Freshman housing: If you lived here you were either a huge partier and loved it or you complained about how loud it was. Either way, if you lived there you probably cherish the memories of being surrounded by so many freshmen at once.

F) Frat Row-

Probably some of your best or worst memories. OR, you have no recollection of frat row and it's not because you forgot. If you are 21 you probably never go here anymore. You probably were here every Saturday as a freshman.

G) Gary-

The Willard Preacher. What a guy. If you are an A1, you know that he is an icon. If you are a real fan, you've probably read his book.


A central place on campus where you will likely end up at least once a week whether it is to study, meet up with a friend, get some Panda Express or just sit on the "High School Musical steps" and watch students walk by. If you find yourself at the HUB before 3pm, you are most likely there to get Chick Fil A before it closes, like me.

I) I will always be there for you-

You will find your people! Penn State is a huge school, but no matter what you will find your friends. Just get involved as much as possible and take risks.

J) Jungle Juice-

LOL be careful ;)

K) Keg Stands-

Do a keg stand at least once, so that you can say that you did one. Good times and good memories.

L) Love-

Love Love Love PSU!! PSU is home. I love the welcoming community and high spirit that PSU has to offer.

M) McLanahans-

Has everything you need. From toiletries, beauty products, a shirt for game day, shampoo, and even lunch this store really has it all.

N) No one-

No one loves Ohio State... IFYKYK. Okay, but seriously their mascot is a literal nut...

O) One-way-

The streets downtown State College are one way, which definitely makes it so much fun to drive when you have to go all the way around to get where you need to be. My personal favorite thing is when you're in an Uber and the dude doesn't know the area and drives on Beaver towards oncoming traffic -- happens to the best of us, he said.

P) Pollock-

If you lived here as a freshman, like me, you were probably just super chill and loved the location being close to downtown and the HUB.

Q) Quiet-

For quiet you can find a nice spot at the library. Paterno Floor 2 has always been a personal favorite of mine.


Super spirited school, especially at the football games #WEARE!!! We are actually a basketball school now too.

S) Sick days-

When you got sick you probably went to UHS and immediately after realized that you regretted it because they probably misdiagnosed you. UHS is not the best, but they do have a pharmacy, which is convenient.

T) Thomas-

You have probably had a class in Thomas at least once. Thomas 100 is specifically for the giant lecture courses, which is most likely where you had a massive gen ed course like Bisci or Egee.

U) Uncle Chen's-

Super cheap, affordable Chinese food. Definitely not healthy, but you have probably found yourself craving it after a night out, or even just a sober night in.

V) Victory-

#WEARE always winners! Even if we lose a game, we are always winners because we go to Penn State. In the end, we have each other and our amazing school.

W) White out-

Super fun game, you also may or may not remember this one… Everyone wears all white, and it's just a blast. Even if you don't have tickets for the game, I highly recommend at least going to the tailgates, you won't regret it.

X) Xoxo-

Penn State forever. Even after you graduate, as an alum, you will always remember the good times you had as a Penn State student. You will hopefully come back for tailgates as an alum and cherish your PSU memories forever.

Y) You can do it!

Penn State has so much to offer in terms of broad ranges of classes to different types of clubs. Don't be afraid to try something new.

Z) Zoo -

Observing Penn State has been like watching the exotic animals in a zoo: There are so many different types of personalities and backgrounds that make up the student population. Everyone is so unique and has something different to offer.

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