The ABC's Of Florida State University
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The ABC's Of Florida State University

Whether you're a new Seminole or an alumni, you've gotten to know your FSU ABC's pretty well.

The ABC's Of Florida State University
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Being a Florida State Seminole means a lot of things and it can differ for each student that strolls down Legacy Walk. There's one thing all Seminoles can relate to, however, and that's the ABC's of our school. You know them well, and if you haven't learned them yet, let's practice them together.

*Note: Some letters of the alphabet are missing.*


All You Can Drink is music to the ears of broke college students. And for $10 at the Strip on Saturdays and $7 at Bulls on Thursdays, how can you go wrong?


Any pre-game or tailgate may have you BYOB, or Bring Your Own Booze. This can be favorable if you know that you're tired of Skol Vodka or you've got a preference for IPA beers.

C. Collegetown.

Once you reach 21, you'll probably find yourself in Collegetown, bouncing between the Holy Trinity of bars- Madison Social, Township, and Centrale. But Collegetown is home to other great bars, like Tin Lizzy's and Coosh's, as well as some trendy stores and boutiques.

D. Dance Marathon.

It's For The Kids (FTK). Ask any sorority girl and she will happily explain to you how wonderful of an experience the Dance Marathon is. And if you ever get the chance to participate, just know that you're dancing your ass off for a great cause.

F. Friday Night Block Party.

Every Friday night before a football game at Doak, Madison Social hosts the Friday Night Block Party. Live music, food vendors, amazing drink specials, and an air of Seminole pride bring Collegetown to life.

G. Game Day.

Game day. Doesn't matter if it's football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer- game day is a big deal. Wear your garnet and gold and cheer on the best damn sports teams in the state.

H. Hamilton.

Coach Hamilton, AKA Coach Ham. Our basketball coach is the GOAT and he's assisted the basketball into becoming #1 in the ACC... so what more can be said about Coach Ham?

K. Ms. Killings.

The sweetest woman you'll ever meet on campus. Ms. Killings will give you a big warm hug when you walk into Suwannee Dining Hall, or any time you see her on campus. She's an absolute angel.

L. Landis.

Landis Green is like FSU's Central Park. So many activities take place on Landis, including ice cream socials, LARPing, Quidditch- but that doesn't mean you can't string up a hammock and take a quick nap between classes.

M. Mandatory Make-out Monday.

No, you don't actually have to make-out with anyone, but if you find yourself with some free time on a Monday night, you'll hear people talking about MMM, which takes place at Clyde's and Costello's.

N. Norvell.

The new head football coach at FSU. Know the name and get ready for the new era to begin this fall.

O. Osceola.


Chief Osceola and his trusted steed, Renegade, are the iconic mascots for FSU. Watch them storm the field on game days and ignite the excitement that is an FSU game day.

P. Purgatory.

Thursday nights at Pots. That's all I need to say.

Q. Quidditch.

Yes, FSU has a Quidditch team, and yes, they are great. They practice and play on Landis and are always looking for new members to join their team.

R. Rez.

The Rez is a great place to spend your weekends. Complete with a lake for swimming, sailing, paddle-boarding, and a really impressive rope course, the Rez is great for hanging out with friends or taking the day to yourself.

S. Suwannee.

Ahh, Suwannee dining hall. Nothing beats an on-campus dining hall with some amazing food choices.

T. Tomahawk Chop.

You know it as the chop, which we do whenever the war chant comes on during game days.

W. Westcott.

Not only is it one of the best back drops for graduation pics, but it's the birthplace of one of the best traditions on campus. Westcott fountain is iconic, refreshing, and downright beautiful.

Y. Y-bombs.


Red Bull + Vodka = a real good time. Head to Yianni's at The Strip, home of the Y-bomb, and try one for yourself if you haven't experienced it yet.

Z. Ziegler.

Professor. Master Tweeter. The man who reads all 800 names at graduation. You'll get to know Prof. Ziegler real soon.

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