The 9 Types Of People You See At The Gym
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Health and Wellness

The 9 Types Of People You See At The Gym

Do you know any of these people? Or worse, are you one?

The 9 Types Of People You See At The Gym
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Going to the gym is a great way to stay healthy and get in shape, but it can also be very entertaining. Why, you might ask? The people. That is why. So if you have never been to the gym before, or find yourself too engrossed in your own workout to look around, here is a list of the nine types of people you might encounter on any given trip to the gym.

1. The screamers.

These people sound like they’ve been shot while passing a kidney stone on every single lift they do. I’m not sure if it helps them lift the weight or if they’re just trying to draw attention to the amount of weight they’re lifting. The world may never know.

2. The dreamers.

Anyone who goes to the gym knows that around January 1, the weight room is going to get super crowded for a month, then go back to normal. Now I’m not saying that having your New Year's Resolution be working out is a bad thing, I’m just saying that these people usually stick to it for like a month then go back to not working out. Thus bringing the amount of people who don't know what they’re doing back down to a reasonable number.

4. The gym bro.

This guy wears a cutoff with his nipples showing, usually plants himself smack in front of a mirror (for a better view of his muscles, duh) and just had his fifth protein shake of the day.

5. The Instagram lifter.

These people spend more time taking pictures of them lifting than actually lifting. They come to workout in full makeup with their hair done, obviously ready for some serious sweating. Can also be men who only go to the gym to post about going to the gym.

6. The newbies.

These people can be found trying to use any and all machines and will sometimes become No. 1 on this list just to try and fit in. The extent of their gym knowledge is watching some crazy CrossFit on the internet in the parking lot of the gym immediately before entering. If this is you, there is no shame in asking how to use a machine/do a lift before you kill yourself trying.

7. The stretchers.

I don't know about you, but at my gym there is at least one old man who seems like he lives at the gym. Not lifting, as one might think, he spends his day stretching every muscle in his entire body. I have never actually seen him lift but I’m sure he is always ready to do some serious work.

8. The steroid users.

These people come to the gym every single day (where do they get all this free time). Their heads are the size of a watermelon and they can be overly aggressive. Approach with extreme caution. This person usually falls under No. 1 as well.

9. The elderly.

Somehow these people have made it to their golden years and still come to the gym. They can still lift more weights than some people on this list and have figured out how to live forever. On rare occasions you see an old couple working out together -- those are relationship goals.
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