The 9 Types of Friends Found In Your Typical Friend Group
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The 9 Types of Friends Found In Your Typical Friend Group

What role do you fall under in your group?

The 9 Types of Friends Found In Your Typical Friend Group

In our lifetime, we all come across a close group of friends who impact our life. These groups of friends we meet or hang out with get to know each other inside out. Whether it is your friends, teammates, classmates or roommates we are given opportunities to get to know people very well. I have a good mix of friends in my life all different ages and unique personalities and have been privileged enough to get to know them very well. Because of this, I have decided to share the different roles one will encounter when it comes to having a friend group.

1. The Greeter

This person was the individual who created the group. Is ALWAYS meeting new people and welcoming others to hang out and get together. They love meeting strangers and are up for social gatherings all the time. The one who created your friend group and the main connection who made everything possible. Basically the alpha of the pack and gets plans rolling.

2. The Party Animal

This friend always wants to party, shocker! Usually, they don’t have a filter, do what they want, and are extremely entertaining to be around. They are all for hangouts and get super pumped and energetic for events. The one who drastically stands out from the group and is loud, funny, and super fun to be around.

Conversations might go something like this:

Friend: “Hey, What’s up”?

You: “Sleeping, it's 1:00 A.M”

Friend: “Boring. let's do something! Party!?You: “ it’s Monday night”

Friend: “So?”

Basically, there is no excuse or bad time to party for them, and they are always up to something. You know who you are.

3. The Mom

Every group should have a mom, and if are a group who doesn’t, you are lacking something outstanding. Go recruit and find yourself a friend with motherly characteristics. The mom of the group is always the one who makes sure everyone is okay and everything is running smoothly for plans. Whether it’s always having snacks in their purse, providing food, the one who steps up when things may not be following through, tucking the tags in each other’s shirts, holding someone’s hair back when they aren’t feeling so well, or always has a theme planned for a party. Tends to be an awesome host and brings the most. Always there for you and your group no matter what.

4. The Ditz

This friend is always involved in the group but the last one to pick up on something that everyone else knows that is blatantly obvious. The one who can always give you a good laugh when it comes to their reactions and the realization of finally catching up with what is going on. This friend is usually not on the same page with everyone else and lives in their own bubble.

5. The Athlete

Can be quite cocky and competitive when it comes to everything they participate it. Whether it is getting the best grade, group games, or getting the first piece of cheesecake. They are always looking forward to games and find a way to make your regular day a competition.

6. Mr./Mrs. Moodswings

This friend always finds a way to make situations negative and is the party pooper. You have to be extremely careful what you do and say around them so they don’t get offended. They have a tendency to get aggravated and super upset, and can change the atmosphere for your group in a snap.

7. The Joker

This friend is the free entertainment. Has a great personality and is always messing around with one another. Whether is hilarious posts, random dancing, or just the way they talk, they constantly uplift the group without even trying. Naturally funny and a great friend to be around.

8. The Floater

This friend is up for anything, super chill, and laid back. They go with the flow and do not complain about anything.

9. The Dare Devil

This friend has no expectations or limits. This friend will do anything. Has a bold attitude and strives to stand out to be the one friend who did this. Has no regrets in life and lives to the full potential of YOLO.

Friendship isn’t a big thing, it's a million little things that make life enjoyable. Get to know all your friends, respect the way they are, and cherish every moment and memory you have with them. I used to be normal until I met these losers who I now call my best friends. Life is better when we are together. I am thankful for all the roles and personalities that you bring to our group that makes us so special.

Love you dorks.

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