For every makeup lover, any store that sells makeup can be dangerous to our bank accounts. Going into the drug store can be an end up with a 70 bill because you took a detour to the makeup section. You can kill your bank account literally anywhere, but when you go into a makeup store you know you are about to do some damage. You don't understand why you keep doing it to yourself, but in your eyes, a week of eating ramen noodles is worth that new lipstick.

1. The Debating

The moment when you sit outside in your car and think do I really need to go in there, though you know you are going too. Your wallet is about to feel the burn, and you really wanted Starbucks later, but that new palette is mocking you.

2. Making The Deal

You make a deal to yourself as you walk through the door that you are going to get in and get out. You promise yourself you won't spend money on anything you don't need. You set a budget and you tell yourself today will be the day I stick to it.

3. The Wandering Eye

You take off in a dead sprint to the aisle that has what you need. You try not to look around and see what else there is to have and to hold and to ruin your savings. While looking at the one thing you came in for you start to get the wandering eye. Thinking to yourself maybe I'll need something that is in the next aisle...

4. The Reassurance

That moment when you know you are too far gone. You start asking the workers what they recommend and as you know, this usually ends up with you running all over the store trying new make up products that are highly recommended. No, you didn't need that new bush but it's supposed to go great with the foundation that you just bought for no reason.

5. The Bag Trick

You're going in for two things, you don't need a bag. *ten minutes later* Okay, I need a bag.

6. The Eye Catchers

You've finally make it to the front of the store and are in line to do some damage to your bank account. They have all those cute samples set up the front. Of course who doesn't love samples?! A few more items don't hurt.

7. The Dreaded Number

You tried keeping track of how much you where spending, but when you go to check out those numbers always seem to be a lot higher than expected.

8. The Walk Of Shame

Your bags are full and your wallet is empty. You went in for eye liner and came out with enough make up to upgrade your whole look. You head back to your car and count your change in your cup holder in the hopes of getting that Starbucks, but either way, you know you don't regret spending a penny.