The 5 Stages Of Moving

As the end of the school year approaches and finals become closer and closer, students usually have a lot on their plate. Naturally studying for finals and turning in final assignments are first on a student's to-do list, and somewhere on it is packing to move.

Whether you're moving out of your dorm, into a new apartment, or back home, you know in the back of your head you need to pack, but you don't. You throw some stuff into a box and tell yourself that's good for now. Slowly packing becomes farther and farther down on your to-do list.

Suddenly it all hits you once finals are done. Sh*! I go home tomorrow and only have a box of sweaters packed.

Stage 1: Productive

When you first know you have to start packing you get pretty hyped. You have a game plan about how you're going to pack, what is going where, what you can keep or throw away, how many boxes you'll need, etc. You get about two boxes packed with junk before you decided you deserve a break.

Stage 2: Denial

So what if you move out in 10 days? You have plenty of time to pack all of your stuff together. Plus a lot of it is bigger so you can't fit it in a box, right? You only need like 2 days to finish anyway. Spend the next few days relaxing, you deserve it.

Stage 3: Panic

Well, you've successfully wasted a week's worth of your time doing nothing productive and you move in two what? Quickly just slap together some boxes and throw your crap in them. Doesn't matter what you put where, just make it look like you did something besides lay in bed and watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and day drink.

Stage 4: Defeat

Your friends/family that are helping you move will be here in 2 hours and you're laying on the floor surrounded by pointless trinkets and old clothes you refuse to throw away but don't have room to pack. Now what? Maybe if I lay here my responsibilities will consume me.

Stage 5: Pride

You did it! you managed to pack everything in time and don't look like a lazy failure! Look at you being a responsible adult! Now it's time to unpack it all...

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