For some, it may be more like heaven than a place of over-priced education. It’s the beginning of a new-found freedom and there’s no one there to stop you, well, kind of. With so many classes, clubs, and Greek life, it’s inevitable not to see some new faces. (Even if you stay close to home.) Being in a different surrounding with strangers can seem intimidating, but if I could give you any advice, it would be to look at like the best opportunity you’ve been given. Whether your new home is populated by tens-of-thousands of students or only 1,300—here are the five types of people you're bound to meet in college.

1. The Mentor

Probably either a professor or sorority/fraternity member. This is the person who enlightens your fresh-meat mind with the "do’s and don’ts" of college; basically your sensei. Listen to them and ask them anything because odds are, they had the same questions you do. Learning from their experiences with classes, parties, and the weird meat at the commons, they could save you from embarrassing moments, bad grades, or a case of bad food poisoning.

2. The Christina

If you’ve ever seen "Grey’s Anatomy" (if you haven’t, stop reading now and turn on Netflix), you know this one already: your person. Yes, high school friends are amazing and it’s important to keep them in your life, but finding a college best friend is a must. You need someone to share crazy quad nights, stressful midterms week—and basically every moment with.

3. The BFF

The BFF can also be your person, but actually stands for Best Frat Friend. The BFF will help you survive, enjoy, and protect you from the enigma that is a frat house. This person will look out for you, and tell you who to look out for. Nothing beats hanging out with your BFF; hello, no girl drama! It’s a sweet escape having a BFF.

4. The High School Sophomore

The person in everyone’s business, the one spreading rumors, the one who prioritizes boys and booze over the education: the high school sophomore. Most of us have been there, we were young and naïve and thought that savage subtweet was a good idea, but this kind of person is not wanted on a college campus, but unfortunately, will be there. Their head is still wrapped up in the fact they peaked in high school, and odds are, they are trying to maintain their status. Steer clear of this person, they will only add more stress to your already busy and anxiety-packed schedule.

5. The “After”

Think of a rip-off weight loss ad, but image it of yourself. On the left is you before: Fresh outta high school, ready to take on the world, feeling like an adult, but overall, you’re the same person you’ve been most of your life. Now look at the left, the after, the “you post-college." There’s a four year difference between the two, and the after can be entirely different than the before. College is the time try new things, explore new interests, and if you want, completely change you attitude on life.

All the people listed above are important to the college experience, but at the end of the day, the most influential person that you'll meet in college is yourself.