The 3 Most Important Things To Remember When Life Happens

We all know that life gets tough. Like, really tough. I know that my life got insanely tough this past year, due to my mom's hospitalizations, some medical issues myself, along with crazy drama happening in the inner circle of my friends, topped off with trying to survive another year of high school, and when all of these things happen at once, you can feel very...stressed. A phrase I kept finding myself saying was "life just happened," and everyone understood what I meant. They understood the feeling of losing control of the situation you are in, and feeling like you are just barely treading water sometimes. When "life happens," it is very easy to become overwhelmed quite quickly. But going through some of these "Life just happened" periods, I have come to know a few things. I feel that these are the most important things you could hold onto when life is just going nuts around you. So I present the 3 most important things to remember when life happens:

1. You will get through this

Now is not forever. You think you're in a situation that you will never escape from, but two months ago you thought you would never get past the situation you were in at that time, and two years ago you were in a situation you thought you would never get past, but here you are. Alive, strong, and still going. It is not hard to let yourself only see the things going on right in front of you, and you may think it is impossible to see tomorrow, but I know it is there. I guarantee it. Just hold on, because this too shall pass.

2. You are not alone

With everything so hectic in your life, you may feel very distant from people. Or you could feel as if there is no one that could relate to your pain, but oh boy, there is. There are people that have survived your situation, and are willing to help you get through it. Not only that, you have friends, family, loved ones, that all care about you. Even in your dark moments, the ones that make everyone else feel so far away, they are only just a reaching hand apart. So reach out.

3. There's something to be learned from this

Life does not just decide to send us on this chaotic roller coaster for nothing. If you went through hell, you have got one heck a story to tell. Maybe you will even be able to help those who are struggling with the same things. You will know to do things differently next time a circumstance like that arises. You are a stronger you. Just remember, gold is tested by fire.

Some day, when years have passed, and you are older, you will be able to tell your stories. Of the things you overcame. Of the times when life happened. And you will be able to say just how far you have come.

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