College is great. You only have a few classes a day and have an abundance of free time because you're not swamped with tests and quizzes back to back with homework every day.

This is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because it gives you that free time and overall less stress in terms of rushing to get assignments done because the due dates are far in advance. But there are definitely less grades in terms of both homework and tests.

So when that big exam day roles around you'll probably experience a wide range of emotions

1. Surprise

There is nothing like that initial feeling of surprise when that exam that you could have sworn was in two months happens to be tomorrow. That's always a fun time.

2. Panic

Nothing is like the feeling of panic. This comes into the picture when you finally accept that the test is in fact tomorrow. Oops...

3. Hope

OK, maybe this isn't as bad as you think. You did go to class so you have to know some of the information, right? Just read over some of the notes and you'll be fine. You've got this!

4. Fear

Yeah, not so much. You start looking over the information, and 90 percent of it seems like it is in a different language. Are you sure you're even in the right class? The fear kicks in and all that hope fades. You realize you're more behind than you thought.

5. Anger

You're not sure if you're more mad at the professor for giving this test or yourself for putting it off for so long. Either way, you are angry. Everything and everyone becomes red. This is a rather dark time.

6. Violence

The library has become your own personal battlefield. You would not want to be your textbooks or pencils right now. That anger has erupted and a violent shade of yourself as emerged. You didn't even know it existed. Nothing is safe. No one is safe.

7. Uncomfortableness

It's kind of funny, right? So much time yet you decided to put studying off until the last minute. Ironic almost. It's easier to laugh than cry so you just stick with that. People around you may be looking at you weirdly as you nervously laugh into your books, but it's all OK.

8. Sadness

Maybe fighting off the tears wasn't as easy it as it seemed. You're done for, this is it. The test has won. You know you can't learn all the material by tomorrow and you're just sad, maybe as sad as you were when your favorite character on that TV show died.

9. Sleepiness

All of this is very draining. This nice wooden table looks pretty comfortable. Or maybe the library carpet would be nice. Just for a few minutes...

10. Acceptance

Welp, nothing you can do now right? Time to turn on the Netflix and pretend that it will all work out. You tried....Maybe your professor will give you an "A" for effort?

11. Disappointment

The test is over and all of your expectations were met. You promise yourself this won't happen again. You'll study next time and do well!

12. Relaxed

Now all that is left to do is relax. The test is over and you now have about another month before you have to do this all again.

We all have our moments. It's just another part of growing up and learning responsibility so if you put off that assignment or exam until the last minute don't worry...well, don't worry too much. Just remember you're not alone.