The 10 Phases Syracuse Students Go Through To Deal With The Heat Wave

The 10 Phases Syracuse Students Go Through To Deal With The Heat Wave

We Syracuse students like our weather cold and our colors orange and blue.

Syracuse University is located in upstate New York, a place notorious for harsh winters and fierce winds. When students accept their admission to the school not only do they agree to attend, but implicitly they surrender to impossibly frigid weather as well as burden the (necessary) expense of a Canada Goose jacket.

Exposure to such arctic conditions has not only trained the bodies of Syracuse students to efficiently maintain homeostasis but actually has created a severe intolerability to contrasting tropical weather conditions.

That being said, here are 10 phases in which the student body of Syracuse has dealt with the prolonged heat wave.

1. The first couple of days of heat is actually appreciated.

Girls are tanning and boys are throwing Frisby's. Syracuse students acknowledge that in just a few short weeks the weather will reach groundbreaking lows putting their fingers and toes in imminent danger of frostbite.

2. The heat continues to stay steady, putting the idea into the minds of students that Syracuse might not experience such vicious temperature drops and could possibly yield a mild winter.

3. The heat rises despite the weeks rolling by.

Syracuse students who previously didn’t believe in global warming are starting to re-question this phenomenon as well as everything else they have ever believed in.

4. The heat has maintained intensity peaking at almost 90 degrees.

The sanity of Syracuse students is beginning to falter and the lack of air-conditioning within dorms is imposing the method of nudity as the only way to cool off.

5. The market for fans has increased dramatically, with students shoving up to 4 fans in their rooms as well as leaving freezers and refrigerators open as a technique to cool the room down.

6. Syracuse students begin to observe that the fans actually do little to improve heat because all they do is circulate the already sultry air.

7. Showering is noticed as doing little to cool off students. Just seconds after drying one’s body with a towel, the student is soaked in sweat defeating the whole purpose of the shower.

8. Syracuse students are no longer able to sleep because of the blisteringly hot weather.

The heat exacerbates sickness and those suffering from asthma have coughing fits and potentially fatal attacks.

9. The wallets of Syracuse students begin to thin because many resort to renting rooms in the Sheraton as the only way to obtain any type of air-conditioned environment to sleep.

10. Lastly, students entertain the idea of transferring to a different school but remember that because of the location of this school, it is probably experiencing the coolest temperatures of any other university in the country.

The only hope that is left is knowing that eventually, the heat will have to end, and frozen tears and snot will soon be a glorious reality in the coming future.

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