The 11 Amazing, And Horrible, Friends You'll Make In college, Guaranteed

You're going to meeting 1000 new people when you go to college. Just be on the lookout for these types of friends.

1. The Orientation Friend

The orientation friend is someone who you meet during your freshman orientation. The two of you are so excited to become college students. You hang out during all the orientation events and are having a great time. This friend makes you feel like maybe moving to college won't be as scary as you thought.

But of course orientation end and there's still a month or two before you actually move in. The two of you part ways and promise to keep in touch until you move in. At first it's great and the two of you snap and text non-stop then after a couple weeks you both become distant and then stop talking. Once you move in you might occasionally run into them but it just isn't the same.

2. Roommate

When it comes to roommates it's always a interesting situation. There are two types of roommates the random selection or requested. The random is the scariest because you might have talked a bit before you both move in but they are still a stranger. The day you move in is extremely awkward because you are trying to make a good first impression and also trying to decide if you can actually stand to live with this guy. As my roommate put it "I wanted to see if i was going to want to push you out the window or if we would become best friends". 99% of the time you get lucky and end up liking your roommate and if you are even lucky like I am, they become your rock at college.

They are the one's who see you at your worst. They see you stumbling back from that crazy party at 4 am plastered and they see you about to cry from homesickness. The thing that makes them special is the support they give you. They become family.

3. The "What's the homework" Friend

This friend is kind of awkward. You sit beside one another in your math class and just try and make it through. You chat with them a bit before class starts and then exchange numbers. Unlike normal friends you don't text one another or talk very often. You might get the occasional text asking "What's the homework" or "Do you know how to do this". Other than that you don't really hear from them and after the semester ends they vanish.

4. The Party Friend

This is a friend who you'll be really close with your first semester in college. They know where all the good parties are gonna be and seem to know just abut everyone on campus. You'll have a lot of late nights out and learn to regret it when you have to go to your 8 am the next morning. The bad thing about this friend is that after the parties stop, so does the friendship. Once you realize that you have to kind of step back and focus more on your studies they almost seem to forget about you completely.

5. The Almost a Significant Other Friend

This person is someone who once you get to college you immediately make a connection with. You both latch onto each other and won't let go. It makes you feel safe and secure with all the changes that are going on. You both are confused about your feelings for each other so you just decide to stay friends and you stay close.

6. The Greek Life Friend

This friend is a member of some type of Greek organization and are usually always wearing letters when you see them. They will try and convince you to rush their fraternity or sorority and you should totally give it a try. Take it from someone who's starting to get involved in Greek life, it's life-changing.

7. The Stoner Friend

This friend is 4/20 blazing all the time. You don't understand how they can function when they are always high as a kite. They seem to somehow get all there stuff together and are a really nice and laid back person. As long as they don't try to force you to do any kind of drugs with them, they are a great friend.

8. The Drama Friend

If you want a little bit of tea you go to this person. They always seem to have some inside scoop on what's going on around campus. You have to be careful around this friend because everything you say to them most likely won't stay between the both of you.

9. The Rich Friend

While you are sitting there stressing because your Declinng balance is running low, this person is sitting over there buying all the junk in the Pod. Their parents are probably doctors or lawyers and have boatloads of money. You don't mind though because after you graduate you'll be making your own money.

10. The Ex-friend

Right, when you got to college you met this person and thought they were awesome. You became best friends immediately and were having a good time. Then over time their true colors started showing and you realized that they were toxic to your life. In some very low-key way you start trying to distance yourself from them. Now you both never talk even when you see each other.

11. The Best Friend

The best friend is who keeps you going. They offer support and encouragement when you need it. Also they are someone who you trust more than anyone else. You would take a bullet for them and you would do the same. They make college bearable.

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