The Sadness Of Summer Ending And How To Deal With It

It's that time of year again, the day every student dreads is fast approaching and there is no stopping it.

Class is about to begin.

Sweet summer time, oh how I loved your endless hours, your sunny days and your gift of being able to perfect the art of being anti-social. Okay, maybe I don't love the weather all that much (ring, ring Satan's calling and he wants his burning flames of hell back!), but that's beside the point.

Every year, we start summer vacation and we feel like we have all the time in the world. We have countless adventures planned and we can't wait to start that show on Netflix we've been dying to binge on.

Before we know it, we're a month into summer, we've gone on maybe one adventure and we miss our friends so much it hurts.

The only thing on the list of summertime fun we've done perfectly is Netflix binging. It's around this stage of summer vacation where we just want school to start again so we can have a social life and actually feel like we're doing something productive.

Eat, work, Netflix, repeat; that is the cycle a majority of us have fallen into.

We are now days away from the start of the school year, the August calendar is so full it's about to burst, and the thought of this is actually making me sick.

Code red guys, summer is ending.

Who do I send the S.O.S emoji to so we can stop this nonsense? Gone are the 48 (occasionally 72 if i'm feeling dedicated) hour Netflix binges, the precious hours of sleep I found after losing them during the school year, the hours of work I got to put in to help my bank account recover from the previous semester.

I take what I said earlier back, summer needs to slow down. Everyone stay home, don't come back to our beloved university.

If no one shows up we don't have to start school, right? Nope. If only it was that easy. It's time to rebalance a million credit hours, study time, work, all the organizations and clubs we joined, a social life, oh yeah maybe we can add sleep into that mess.

The anxiety is setting in, where's the brown paper bag? Because I can't breath.

Okay, deep breath, we've done this all before and we survive every year (somehow!)

We're in college, which somehow grants us the superpower of balancing everything we've piled on to our plate with only the occasional meltdown.

We're about to reunite with our friends, tailgate season is drawing near, and the holidays are in our sights. Glass half full right?

So grab those last few hours of sleep you can, start restocking your caffeine supply, and put your game face on. The start of classes is fast approaching, and it's time to kick some college ass.

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