1. Commuting Home From College

Coming home for college students means that we will be able to lay in a comfy bed and will also be able to get a good meal.

2. Resisting The urge to Bring up Politics at the dinner table

Whether you are on the left or on the right, it is difficult to avoid someone bringing up politics at the dinner table, especially this election year.

3. Family asking about relationships

Family members are nosy throughout the whole year, but they seem to want to know about your relationship status the most during the holidays. They ask you when you will find a boyfriend/girlfriend or when you will "finally settle down."

4. The Black Friday Chaos

Each year, this has become more and more of a tradition. It is not only intense, but also seems like a war zone. And has anyone else noticed that the time for black Friday is getting earlier each year?

5. Seeing Old Friends

This is probably something only college kids can relate to. Nothing is better than finally seeing your best friends when coming home from school.

6. Having to go Through Snarky Comments from Family members

They can comment on anything and it might ruin your mood. This will either be on you being single or they do not like your outfit.

7. Stress From School Takes a Break

FINALLY! There is almost (for some of us) nothing for us to worry about when it comes to getting school work done. We have the time to relax and binge watch out favorite show!

8. Getting asked How You are Doing in School

Although we have a break from school, it does not mean our parents are going to forget about asking us about school. This is especially stressful when you are struggling to pass classes.

9. The feeling of being full after thanksgiving dinner

What is true meaning of thanksgiving? The history? Family? or is it just food? A lot of us can relate to being stuffed(just like the turkey was) after a thanksgiving dinner. We have probably all felt so full that we cannot even pick ourselves up from our seats.

10. The Transition to Christmas

Right when it turns to midnight, thanksgiving is in the past and it is all about Christmas. Right after thanksgiving it seems that all everyone can talk about it the upcoming holiday.