Thanksgiving break has officially begun (for most of us), which means we have finally reached the final stretch of the semester. Thanksgiving break is a time for us college students to unwind, eat good food again, and pretend like finals aren't right around the corner. Coming home for Thanksgiving is bittersweet for us college students, especially when it comes to attending Thanksgiving dinner. But thankfully for us, Bridesmaids perfectly captured the Thanksgiving dinner experience for college students.

1. When you first wake up on the morning of Thanksgiving

2. When you walk into your aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner like, 'Yes, I am here, arisen from the dead of college, you're welcome for gracing you with my presence for the first time in 4 months'

3. When your extended family asks where your boyfriend/girlfriend is

4. When your rich aunt chipperly asks how college is going

5. When the pies start getting brought out to the table

6. When you and your siblings realize you are reunited for an entire week straight

7. When your mom tries to cheer you up after you tell her your grades are slipping and you've gained 5 pounds

8. When your cousin who's going to be in college next fall asks for college advice

9. When your parents have a few too many drinks and start openly flirting with each other right in front of you

10. When your sibling is eyeing the last piece of pumpkin pie

11. When your extended family continues to bombard you with questions you hate answering

12. When your annoyingly perfect cousin starts telling everyone about her straight-A's, hot boyfriend, and newly acquired six-pack

13. When the annual Thanksgiving board games begin and your partner is losing it for you

14. When your sister asks if you and the guy you've been hanging out with are getting serious

15. When your dad asks you what your friends are doing for the holiday

16. When the wine starts kicking in

17. When it's been 30 minutes since you finished your third plate of food

18. When your Uncle decides to start talking about politics and you know it's going to cause a family-wide argument

19. When your mom starts lecturing you as you walk up to get seconds...for the fourth time

20. When you get that third piece of pie even though you know it's going to push you over the edge in to a food coma

21. When your family decides to play some two-touch football for fun, but your overly competitive cousin is playing too

22. When you've finished your four plates, 3 pieces of pie, and uncountable glasses of wine

23. When your aunt asks if you want to take the leftovers back to school with you

24. When the Thanksgiving dinner festivities have ended and it's time for you to get your Black Friday shopping on