Thanks To My Step-Dad

Thank you for being there!

Being a little girl, all I wanted was a dad who loved me for me and was there to cheer me on and support me with whatever I did in school. Granted I had my dad that I went with every so often on the weekends and in the summer, but no one that was really a constant person in my life every day. That is, until my mom met the person who is the father of my two younger brothers and my step-father today.

At first, I will admit that I wanted a constant father figure, but I always have wanted that father figure to be my dad. I always wanted my mom and dad to get back together but little did I know the reason why they broke things off in the first place. Things were rocky between the two, constant fights and arguments, so splitting up was the best choice to be civil because of their daughter. So once my mom found the person she was going to spend the rest of her life with it was hard for me to accept the fact that it wasn’t my dad, it was a random person that I had never met before in my life.

I got introduced to my now step-father. I constantly fought with him and constantly told him that he wasn’t my father, therefore, he couldn’t punish me in any way. As years went on I realized that he could punish me for my wrongdoings because he was married to my mother and he was filling the role of the male figure in my new home. I had to listen to him and do as he said because I wasn’t his child. It wasn’t his responsibility to take care of me or provide for me.

Throughout the years I became more accepting of the fact that this person was never leaving. My mom now had two kids by this man and I loved both of my brothers immensely. I still had my biological dad of course, but as time went on the time I got to spend with him was becoming less and less, and it seemed like I was alone and I had been forgotten. Once it was every two weeks and the whole summer, then it was maybe if I was lucky once a month, to now only going on big holidays and my birthday.

I just want to say thank you to a man that tried raising me to be the women I am today. Without his love and support, I don’t think I would be here and be striving for my dreams to become a reality. This doesn’t mean I don’t love my dad because I do and I am grateful to have him in my life as well, but my step-dad was there when he wasn’t, he loved me, supported me and gave me my basic needs. I will always remain your little girl as well because raising children that aren't yours isn't easy!

I love you!

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