9 Thank You's To People That Are Often Overlooked
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Student Life

9 Thank You's To People That Are Often Overlooked

I see you and I am so thankful for you.

Photo by Afta Putta Gunawan from Pexels

We interact with people every day of our life. Moments flashing by, strangers faces. I realized that there are so many humans whose jobs or activities are so minuscule but so incredibly important. And I think it's about time they get the recognition they deserve.

1. Toll-booth operators

I go to school 800 miles away from home. And I drive those 800 miles at least twice a year. Thank god for the toll road that allows me to cross from Indiana to Pennsylvania. No matter the time of night, there is always a toll booth operator ready to process tickets. You cannot tell me that this occupation does not get monotonous, but someone has got to do it and I'm glad they do. Thank you, toll booth operators.

2. College dorm janitors

Have you ever witnessed a communal dorm bathroom after a weekend. It is like a war zone. There's a multitude of trash everywhere. Only two out of twelve toilets are working and there are so many different bodily fluids around, one can't even identify them all. Someone cleans that. It takes a special person to be able to scrub drunk pledge-boy vomit off a toilet. Unfortunately, these courageous men and women are barely ever recognized. However, I see you. I applaud you. And God bless you.

3. Tax accountants

There's a reason that the population dreads the third week of April. Tax season is atrocious not to mention stressful. Not only do tax accountants do just your taxes, but they have multiple clients which means multiple W-2 forms and so many numbers

4. Church music directors

For me, music at my Catholic church has always been such an important part of my faith experience. The songs and tempo chosen by the director or band truly affects my focus and attitude during the service. For example, if City of God plays at mass, I know I will be belting that and actually listening to its message.

5. Baristas

These are the people who see us before we have our coffee. If that is not enough, they then supply us with our desperately needed caffeine. Mostly because we are too lazy or spoiled to make our own at home. God bless you, baristas for providing us with the will to live.

6. Farmers

I don't think we truly understand how big of an impact farmers have on our daily life. The majority if not all of foods you consume are brought to us by the workers who plant crops and raise animals. Whether it be a ribeye steak or a strawberry spinach salad, they are responsible for our diet. Without them we would starve. Thank you farmers for feeding me.

7. Best friend's mom

To the person who helped shape my favorite person in the world, no words are enough. The best friend's mom should actually just be deemed as your second mom, the one who treats you like one of their own no matter one. They scream at you, cheer you on, and hold you while you cry. Not only did she create your bff, but she helped create you. Thank you.

8. Pizza delivery guy

As Jim Gaffigan said, "Delivery is a combination of my two favorite activities: eating and not moving." Honestly though, when have you ever thought, "I would rather change out of my pajamas, get in my car, drive to my pizza place, interact with several humans than do none of that except getting off your couch and opening your front door." Delivery or takeout? Next question. So many thanks to the pizza delivery guys who have seen so many people in the favorite jammies!

9. IT people

Imagine trying to teach your grandma what a touch screen is. Now imagine doing that 4000 times a day. IT people are goddamn wizards. Not only can they teach the hopeless, but they can fix problems that we didn't even know we had. Long gone are the days of the incessantly loading rainbow wheel. Take that laptop into a Mac store and you are good to go. From the bottom of my heart (and my grandma's) thank you, IT people.

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