I don't think an Odyssey article could do our friendship justice, but I'm going to put this out there, anyway.

Friends come and go during your freshman year of college, but you are truly one of the only exceptions. And I cannot thank you enough for that.

Speaking of 'thank you', there are countless things that make you a pretty amazing friend, so I listed out a handful of the best.

1. Thank you for all the smiles and laughs that have gotten me through tough times.

2. Thank you for telling me that I look pretty, even when I feel like I got hit by a truck.

3. Thank you for tagging me in Facebook memes, because on rough days, those are the only things that make me smile.

4. Thank you for making me feel like the life of the party, even when all I want to do is take a quick nap in the corner.

5. Thank you for the dinner dates after long days of class.

6. Thank you for checking in on me, because your advice and support help me to grow.

7. Thank you for reminding me that anyone who does not appreciate me is not worth my time.

8. Thank you for reminding me that I deserve the best kind of love, and to accept nothing less (after all, college boys do suck sometimes).

9. Thank you for always telling me how it is, even if it is not what I want to hear -- but need to know.

10. Thank you for always being a text, call, or short car ride away.

11. Thank you for always opening your doors to me.

12. Thank you for making life fun.

13. Thank you for making the worst days even the slightest bit better.

14. Thank you for being one of the most consistent people in my circle.

15. Most importantly, thank you for always being there.

I love you to the moon, and I cannot wait to make more memories this upcoming semester.

Cheers to us!