A Thank You to Everyone Who Supports Me
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A Thank You to Everyone Who Supports Me

"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others." -Cicero

A Thank You to Everyone Who Supports Me
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My life is busy, and for as long as I can remember, it always has been. Since high school, I have always been the girl that loves to be involved with any activity that somewhat pertains to an interest of mine. I have also always been very studious, I am proud to say I have always carried good grades and continue to do so as I finish my education.

This year in particular, as I am progressing more towards a career, I am busier than ever. I am constantly running around campus, and I am lucky if I get to sit down for an hour to just relax before dinnertime. I am not complaining about this, I enjoy being busy, and I plan on having a job where I am constantly on the go. At times, it is overwhelming, and I just want to thank everyone who has stuck around and been a true friend to me during these times.

To my family:

Obviously family comes first. My family has always done so much to support me, and the way they raised me has helped me grow into the mature person I am today. As much as I hate it at the time, thank you for the tough love and making me do things on my own. I am lucky that my parents have never doubted my choice in school, although I do get to hear how much they hate driving in the city every time they pick me up from school, and they’ve never questioned my major or what I want to do with it. Thank you to my mom for letting me complain to her every day, for always sending me dog videos, and just for being someone I can always talk to.

I am so thankful to have a supportive extended family as well. Getting random messages, whether it is just checking on me to see how I am or congratulating me on accomplishing something, really brighten my day and make me feel like I am achieving something greater.

To my friends:

First things first- I have no clue what I would do without my friends. To all of you who have put up with me in some sort of shape or form, thank you. I consider myself very lucky to have the friends I do. They’re just as, or even more motivated than I am, and they are all such positive influences on my life.

To my friends back home in Somerset County, thank you for keeping in touch and for the encouragement in what I do. Many of my friends from back home text me every day and let me vent to them countless times or just rehash awkward scenarios I encounter on a regular basis (you guys are the real MVPs).

The amount of support I get from my small town is astonishing. I always get an overwhelming amount when I take on something new, and even with writing for the Odyssey, I have had so many more people read and share my articles than I expected to.

To the friends I have made in college- you all are my lifeline. I am forever thankful for you guys listening to me cry (or even cry with me), stress, vent, or even just putting up with me for being insanely weird. I am grateful for the coffee runs, the weekend adventures, and the low-key movie nights that help make the busy week a little less stressful. Not everyone finds their forever friends in college, but I know for a fact I did.

To my former and current teachers/professors:

As I have mentioned before, I am very lucky to have the teachers I did in high school. Over breaks, I have gone into the school to visit some of the teachers I was close with, and while doing so I am always stopped by the faculty. It’s touching to see them take the time out of their days to listen to what has happened to me since leaving the halls of Rockwood.

During the summer, my journalism teacher and I met for a cup of coffee and what she said has stuck with me. She remarked that she noticed such a positive change in me since I have attended Point Park, and she told me that many of the teachers at Rockwood think highly of me and know that I will do well.

They deserve all the thanks in the world, as many of them have put me on the right track and prepared me for a college workload.

Continuing on, I want to thank my current and former professors for throwing me into courses or putting me out of my comfort zone in order to prepare for a job in the sports, arts, and entertainment management field.

Since Point Park is a smaller campus and our class sizes are typically no more than twenty-five to thirty students, I am able to know my professors on a name basis and am able to reach them whenever needed.


I believe that each person comes into my life for a reason, whether it may be good or bad, there is always some sort of lesson to be learned. Not everyone will stick around, and I have come to accept that.

However, to those of you who have stuck around, remember how much I appreciate you and am thankful for your presence.

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