Thank You To Producers Of "13 Reasons Why"

Thank You To Producers Of "13 Reasons Why"

Thank you to those who came up with this story and showed the world a message that needs to be known.

Mackenzie Webb

Recently I have just finished a Netflix binge on the new show called "13 Reasons Why", which many others are talking about all over the internet as well. This show centers around suicide, and why those who commit suicide do what they do. Therefore this show is very intense at times, and have the ability to make you quite emotional. Although it can be tough to watch, it helps to display a topic which many people like to act as it doesn't exist or doesn't occur in real life. However, we must be aware that things like this do indeed happen every day, all around the country. Although each person does it for a different reason, a commonality between all of the cases very often includes something to do with bullying.

The issue of bullying, especially in high school, can be very hard to deal with and control. Many teachers often do not know every detail about a student's life or what they are dealing with at school concerning their classmates. This is normal due to the fact that many students do not spill their life to teachers, especially when they are thinking about ending it. Also, teachers are not that easy to talk to and often we think they won't understand what is going on in our life, so why even try? Many people who are struggling ask themselves this "If they don't understand us and I have no friends or people to talk to, then why don't I just disappear?" No. That is not the answer.

It may be hard to see at some points, but every person has to believe that there are many people on this earth that love you deeply for who you are and would never want you gone. Also, it is important that we remember that God put us here on this earth in order for us to serve a purpose. His purpose is not for us to end our lives, but to enjoy and do amazing things with the life that he gave us. God created everything as beautiful in his eyes and expects us to treat it that way. Therefore, he along with many others would be devastated if we were to cut our lives short to an end.

Although the topic of suicide and bullying can be tough to discuss, it is one that needs to have much attention and awareness around the world. People need to know that it affects someone the way that it does and it needs to be stopped. I am very glad this book was made into a show and was able to display what occurs in schools across America. It has also helped to bring awareness to the subject and let people know that this truly happens and we can not sweep things under the rug. I would like to thank the producers and writers of the show for the message in which they put out for the world to see. If you have not seen it, I highly reccomend taking your time and watching it. But maybe not all at once, for it can be quite heavy at times.

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