A Thank You Letter To My Older Sisters

I’ve come to the realization that I don’t show how much I appreciate having siblings, let alone two brilliant older sisters. Having sisters is knowing that no matter what is thrown your way, they will be there with you. They’re the ones who through the laughs and tears, they’re family, and you’re most grateful for that. So to my bright older sisters, thank you.

To My Sisters,

Thank you for being role models. I am beyond thankful to have you two as role models. People always say younger siblings growing up, mirror what their older siblings do. I am guilty of this. I am ecstatic to be guilty of this, though. Before I found myself as an individual, I aspired to be an impeccable balance of both of you. Having you two as role models put me on the path of life of adventure, and experiences. From playing sports, to entering high school, to dealing with relationships, and going off to college, you two were there to answer any unanswered questions that pondered on my mind. The questions we all know we can’t go to our parents about (you know what questions I’m talking about). The questions that my friends couldn’t answer because they were meant for you, my sisters, to answer.

Thank you for having my best interest at heart growing up. It’s comical to think how sisters can be your worst enemy or your best friend. With any relationship, there are going to be ups and downs. The three of us certainly had our fair share of battles growing up. But, through the thick and thin, we’ve always had each other in the end. If I was ever at a rough patch in life, I knew you two would be there to cheer me up. I knew you two would be there to fight for me. I could, and still can count on you guys on having my back. The advice that was given to me I knew was coming from the best perspective, and you two wanted at the time what was best for me. Sisters are there to give you the harsh reality when you may not want to hear it. But having each other’s love is all we need sometimes. You were the ones that when I needed a cover from our parents, I could count on you guys…sometimes! Other times, you felt it necessary to include our parents and that’s when you became the enemy. But thank you for knowing what was best for me!

Thank you for making me laugh. I’m not an easy person to engross in an unattainable giggle, but you two always succeed. There are countless of times you have had me on the ground curled up in the fetus position, in tears because whatever it is you said, my mind could not comprehend it without laughing! It’s those gut wrenching laughs that mean the most. Even when times are tough, we always find a way to make each other smile, because life isn’t worth living if you’re not having fun. It’s the inside jokes that I’ll randomly think of when I’m sitting in class and start quietly laughing to myself. It’s the jokes we make in our sister group chat that I’ll screenshot and save forever! Being able to share memorable laughs, is one of the greatest things of all!

Thank you for giving me the tough skin, I now have. Sisters are the ones who throw you under the bus to your parents. They’re the ones who beat you down, so no one else can. They’re there to build the tough foundation. I can say from plenty of experiences that you two definitely brought me down. But I wouldn’t have the tough exterior that I know am grateful for. Older sisters are meant to pick on you, and sometimes it is in a joking manner. If they didn’t knock you down, someone else would. They prepared me for what reality is like. I can confidently say that yes, I can come across as a tough woman, because my sisters helped me become that, and I am so thankful for that. They taught me when it is appropriate to stand up for myself in the world. Besides who else can I count on for making fun of me growing up?

Thank you for being my sisters. I truly don’t think I can say thank you enough. This letter alone doesn’t even begin to express my thankfulness, but hopefully, it’s a start. You two showed me the ropes in life, and all the nonsense put aside, you’ve always been my sisters. You’ve set the best examples one could ask for. I am beyond fortunate to fill your shoes even in the slightest bit. Because if someone compares me to any of you two, I know I’m doing something right in life, because you two are the greatest role models. You’ve put up with me for 21 years, and I’m blessed about that, because if anyone is to know it’s you two that I am not an easy person to live with! (Sorry about that by the way, but what are little sisters for?!) I can only hope that maybe you guys are proud of who I’ve become, and have learned a thing or two from me as well. I look forward to making many more memories with you two, no matter where life takes us! I love you two will all my heart!


Your Little Sister

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