Dear New England,

First, let me say thank you for your beautiful foliage. My drives back and forth to school are much more enjoyable as your leaves turn colors. I can’t get enough of driving through the mountains and feeling like I’m in a Norman Rockwell painting. Seeing the mountains dotted with color is my favorite part of your season.

My Instagram would also like to take a second to thank you for the many photo-ops that your fall season allows. Thank you for filling pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Thank you for your hayrides and long treks up and down the apple orchards. Without you, my Instagram would not have as many perfect fall photos.

I’d also like to thank you for the Big E. There is nothing I look forward to more than eating my way through the state buildings and admiring the oddity of the butter sculpture. It’s amazing to see how six states can come together and celebrate all of the amazing things New England has to offer. From Maine blueberries to Rhode Island clam chowder, nothing compares to my favorite state fair.

Thank you for some of the best food of the year. Between apple cider donuts and butternut squash soup, I can’t help but wish your fall flavors were year round. Nothing compares to a pie baked with fresh picked apples.

Thank you, New England, for your beautiful fall days. Your sunshine and perfect weather make it extremely difficult to go to class. Thank you for giving us weather that is perfect for sitting outside with a cup of coffee. Although your weather can be unpredictable, thank you for the days when the sun shines throughout the entire day.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to obtain a perfect fall wardrobe. After spending months wearing shorts and tank tops, it’s great to be able to comfortably wear jeans and a sweater. Thank you for providing us with the perfect weather to wear outfits that compliment our crazy amount of fall photo sessions with our friends.

Thank you for reminding me every year why people travel here in the fall. Whether it’s a stop in the Berkshires or in the White Mountains of Vermont, there is nowhere I’d rather spend the fall.

Lastly, thank you for filling everyday of your season with Pumpkin Spice Lattes.