A Thank-You Letter To My Dental Hygiene School Friends

A Thank-You Letter To My Dental Hygiene School Friends

Thank you is an understatement.

Natlie Tso

Being in a program with people older than me, it was very difficult making friends. I felt very intimidated by the fact I was one of the only people under the age of 21. I only had one real friend during my freshman year because we were in the same situation. However, during my sophomore year, my circle of friends grew bigger and I was able to step out of my shell.

During my first semester of sophomore year, I became very good friends with the group of people in my pre-clinic session. Although we were all different ages, we were going through the same hell aka dental hygiene school (somewhat kidding about the hell part). It felt so nice to actually have a group of friends that also acted as your support system. I knew that our group chat, where we called ourselves the "dh sqwaaa," was like a sanctuary. We could talk about anything and everything and at least someone else could relate or understand. I cannot thank you guys enough for your friendship during my first semester of sophomore year. You all have shaped my life in one way or another. I really do not know where or who I would be without you. I would probably be a mess and crying in a corner.

During my second semester of sophomore year, my circle of friends grew bigger. Being able to advance from pre-clinic to clinic, I met more people in my program and made lasting friendships. Before starting clinic and treating actual patients, you are assigned to a floor and work with various people in your program. So I was separated from my "dh sqwaaa" and had to make new friends. As the type of person that I am, I strongly dislike being forced out of my comfort zone. However, I needed to be friends with the people on my clinic floor because we were going to help each other throughout the semester. Stepping out of my comfort zone made me able to make more friends in my program and transition into clinic smoothly.

On my very first day of clinic, I was so nervous because I did not know anyone on my clinic floor. I had seen their faces and knew their names but I had never actually talked to them. Who would have thought our friendship would grow as the semester went by? To my third floor clinic group, you all have helped me through the semester when I had a patient. Either you helped type up my care plan or got my supplies from the supply desk. I know that I get very stressed out when I have a patient and at least one of you would notice and help me calm down. I cannot wait for the upcoming semester to work with all of you again.

As the semester went on, I was becoming more of a social butterfly. I did not feel as isolated as I was during my freshman year. As my friendships grew, I felt more comfortable and socializing more with people in my classes and my clinic. I actually have close friends in college. These people are older than me but I see them as my age and they probably see me as their age too. It makes my college experience so much better to have these people in my life.

Personally, I have trouble making friends because I am so shy and have resting bitch face. People saw past that and still became my friends. I feel that I can go on and on about how much these people have impacted my life for the better. It would just be word vomit. So I leave off with a thank you. Thank you to the people I met and became friends with this past year in dental hygiene school. I was in a dark place before I met you and I really wanted to transfer out. However, each and every one of you have brought a piece of sunshine into my life. Thank you for allowing me to see everything including my future in a positive light.

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