"'Cause you brought the flames and you put me through hell
I had to learn how to fight for myself,
And we both know all the truth I could tell,
I'll just say this is I'll wish you farewell."

Four years after Ke$ha's sexual assault case against producer Dr. Luke, she released "Praying" on Thursday, July 6th, 2017. If I am being completely honest, this song was the best comeback anyone could make after what she went through.

In this song, you can actually hear the pain in her voice as she hits those beautiful notes and pours her heart out. This song is so much more than just notes and lyrics put together. It is a song about fighting to make a comeback from the dark place you were. It is about learning to let it all go and letting that person who hurt you see that they can't keep you down for long.

The best part about this song is that Ke$ha is more known for her song "Tik Tok" which is more up beat and was played at almost any get together when it first came out in 2010, yet "Praying" is slower and heartfelt. It's not about partying like P. Diddy or going out to the back for a one night stand (Blah, Blah, Blah ft. 3OH!3), but about being a fighter.

This powerful ballad gives hope to those who know what it is like to have their light taken away. It is for those that live with day to day monsters. Those monsters don't necessarily have to be people who have physically harmed them or put them down emotionally, they can be the demons from within. You cannot help but listen to Ke$ha's voice and think of every taste of Hell that you have been through and see where you are now.

You can also feel her emotions a lot more when you watch the music video. In the beginning she has a monologue where for about fifty-four seconds she talks about people leaving her when she needed them most and how she is asking God for a sign. During the video, she is running from two people who represent her monsters and is fighting with a net to be set free. Yet, the best part is that at the end of the video, Ke$ha is going towards a hill that reads "God is Love" and finds herself kneeling and praying herself. Honestly, just seeing a celebrity who usually sings songs about sex and partying talking about how she needs God and is looking to Him for help, is amazing.

So to Ke$ha, I am dearly sorry for the emotional pain you had to go through, but I am beyond thankful for this song. As a young woman who has seen a lot of pain, abuse, and monsters, hearing this song has helped me in more ways than I can even explain.