Thank You, Grimmie
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Thank You, Grimmie

We'll miss you.

Thank You, Grimmie
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YouTube is a space for creativity -- filled with makeup tutorials, dangerous stunts, social commentary and, more often than not, song covers. Hundreds of people gather their courage, turn on their camera and belt out songs made popular by seasoned artists - with or without the community's praises being sung back. Of those hundreds sat Christina Grimmie, opposite her camera in July 2009. She quickly rose to be an internet sensation and found the love of millions of subscribers. By 2016, she had two EP's, opened for six tours, competed on The Voice, released a studio album and was murdered in a premeditated, targeted assault.

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Christina inspired millions and we watched as she saw her dreams come to fruition. We saw her grow from singing Hannah Montana covers to collaborating with other viral YouTubers to releasing original music. We were front row to see Christina Grimmie follow her heart without straying from her soul. We watched her from behind our screens and hoped that she got everything she wanted because she was so much like us. So, thank you, Grimmie.

Thank you for teaching us to have courage. It takes an inordinate amount of bravery to share not only your voice, but your dreams with the millions of people in cyberspace. Then to exceed that and share them with everyone you met. Those who followed you learned by watching you courageously tackle every challenge you faced.

Thank you for being real. It didn't matter how far you went -- breaking one thousand or one million subscribers -- you stayed the same. You stuck to taking time to update your followers and kept grounded throughout your rise to fame. You shared your ride with us and we were with you every step of the way. It's easy for any person to lose a little reality when they've got over three million people supporting them but instead of succumbing to the norms of celebrity life, you never lost your identity. You genuinely loved every fan you met and never let us feel otherwise.

Thank you for showing us that we can do anything if we believe in ourselves. For those of us who were there from the first video, we were there for everything. We freaked out when we heard you on the radio and freaked out again during your blind audition on The Voice. Some of us screamed so loud that our vocal chords were fried for weeks. You showed us that no matter how small you start and no matter how many baby steps you take, you can achieve anything. You taught us to never give up on ourselves because we learned by watching you.

We'll miss you. #ThankYouGrimmie

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