Thank You For Teaching Me What Love Means
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Thank You For Teaching Me What Love Means

Thank You For Teaching Me What Love Means

I think it is safe to say that people love the idea of love.

When I speak of my relationship I have acquired over a short ten months,

A similar glow on each face, and glitter in each eye appears.

People love to hear about other people being in love.

What fantasy can they grip their hands around to believe that love still exists,

That good things still happen to good people?

Love is such a beautiful thing, but seems to be so tricky to fully understand.

As I continue to express the life and support I have found in a person,

The glimmer quickly fades into a reality stricken stare.

I tell them, “I think I found the person I am going to marry."

Now the image I have painted for them is no longer palpable.

It became bitter and too sour to swallow.

I am told that my whole life is ahead of me,

Go find a career first.

Discover what I am suppose to do,

As if I had forgotten about my entire being as an independent person.

I am suddenly morphed into the same man I share a relationship with right before their eyes.

I don’t remember signing a contract to put my life on hold when starting this new journey.

When did love become a big red curtain to stop the play at intermission,

But never to open for the second act?

As if the person I have found would be the one to put my life on hold,

Put me into a box and tell me I hit the end of the road.

But that simply isn’t enough of an answer for me.

If I had enough time to tell you between your second or third glass of wine,

I would explain to you this.

I have found the person I choose to follow my dreams with,

Someone who has similar life goals as me.

A person who has the most positive outlook on life, forcing me to be a better person.

A collaborator who can critique my work just to make it better.

A partner who will wait for me no matter where I am in the world.

Someone who makes me smile even when I am not with them,

Happy when there is nothing left in the world but sadness.

I did not meet a stop sign,

Or a "proceed with caution."

I met a person who saw a past, present and future,

And is choosing to be apart of it.

How lucky am I, at such a young age to have this much confidence in another person,

To say the things I do here with no doubt in my mind or heart.

I believe in a God, but at this moment in time he does not.

He is still searching for answers many people fail to question.

But I told him one day, he was my gift from God.

Why I deserve a gift like him at this time, I still don’t have the answers.

And to wherever life takes us,

In whatever direction,

I know that everything happens for a reason.

And this reason has already changed my life for the better.

So for those who have found love,

Lost love,

Or digging through love they thought they once shared,

I give you my story to remind you it’s there.

Take care.

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