It shouldn’t be a secret to anyone that Donald Trump has a serious chance at becoming the President of the United States. If I said this 6 months ago, you’d think I was on acid or some other mind numbing drug but fast forward to May 2016 and Trump is now the GOP Presidential Candidate awaiting the outcome of the Democratic Primary. People are baffled that someone with no political background could get so far, even though people were clamoring for someone out of the system to beat the system. The left and right complained he’s a racist, despite a strict demand for deporting illegal immigrants which is in no way racist. The left and the right try to call out Donald Trump for being a sexist, despite his female employees making more than their male counterparts (Sort of kills that wage gap narrative now does it?). Donald Trump has been called a lot of things, and has been told a lot of things. Here’s one thing that few millennials would ever say to him, Thank You.

One might ask why I can possibly be thanking Donald Trump based on the controversial comment he’s said about Illegal immigrants, Women and Muslims. It’s simple, he beat the system set out to destroy him. Whether it was low energy Jeb trying to attack Donald Trump, or lightweight Rubio, or “Lyin Ted” they all failed at one common goal, Stopping Trump.

Despite their best efforts to question his policies, and question his credentials on what makes him qualified to run for president. Well, if we’re being technical, there’s only 3 things you need to be qualified. Be a citizen of the United States, be 35 or older and have spent at least 14 years in America. Safe to say Trump has all those qualifications, so he’s as qualified as anyone to run for president. His positions? Well, he has both conservative and liberal positions. Whether it’s his position on transgender and their right to enter bathrooms, his stance on commending Planned Parenthood for the work they do for women outside of abortion, or his position on not going to war unless it’s absolutely necessary. Safe to say, Trump isn’t your typical conservative. His tax plan is similar to the Trickle Down theory that Ronald Reagan instituted back in his presidency, and Americans gave up on it once it failed. His plans to deport illegal immigrants is on the basis that they should come into the country legally and to stop them from taking the jobs other Americans need. This is a bit risky due to the fact that illegal immigrants often work in low skilled jobs with low wages, and without them, it’ll be hard to replace that hard work and that

Production. That’s where the voters come in. They’ve voted yes for Trump believing those jobs will be taken considering nearly 90 million Americans are unemployed. Trump says he’s going to not only make those jobs available to people in America, he plans on bringing the jobs that the Chinese do back to America in his plans to “Make America great again”. He said all of this, and people bought into it. The voters bought into his no-nonsense approach, his attack against the system by self-funding his campaign, his willingness to attack political correctness and his ability to make your average American love what he’s preaching. You don’t have to like it, but you damn sure better respect it. Whether he wins or not is irrelevant, he proved that if you have a belief, and a cause to fight for, you can beat any sort of mud your opponent throws at you.