To The Teachers Who Welcomed Me Into Your Classroom With Open Arms

To The Teachers Who Welcomed Me Into Your Classroom With Open Arms

I couldn't thank you enough.


Dear teachers,

Several years ago, you walked in my shoes. You were the college student in your final year traveling through the path of student teaching. You received your placement, and you were paired with that teacher for several weeks or months. You became that teacher’s shaddow, learning everything she had to offer. Before you knew it, you grew up and became a cooperating teacher for me. No number of words could ever express how thankful I am that you welcomed me into your classroom with open arms.

Thank you for making every moment a teaching moment. I’m sure, without a doubt, it got to be very monotonous giving explanation and reasoning behind everything you did. At times it might have even made you feel like I was questioning your judgement as a teacher. Please know that I was not questioning your judgement, but I was admiring how you made decisions with such ease. I was also filling my brain with mental notes that I hope to remember next year when I’m in my own classroom.

Thank you for understanding that I’m a student and a teacher. This year has by far been my most challenging year of college. I am not only trying to balance being a senior and having a social life, but I am also trying to balance being a professional. Expenses have started to take over my life, but thanks to you, I am surviving. You let me leave early when I needed to rush back for work on campus in order to make some money. You spoiled me by buying me meals and gifts for my future classroom. Thanks to you, I was able to live both the life of a college senior and an elementary teacher.

Thank you for allowing me to love your students. Because of you, I will never forget my first class of students. I will remember their endless stories about Minecraft, something I will probably never understand. Their vibrant personalities and sense of humor will forever fill my heart and memories. Each one of them will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I thank them all for helping me become a better teacher.

Thank you for letting me take full control. I can’t imagine how difficult it was for you to sit back and let me teach your students for a few weeks. Giving up control to someone you had only known for a few short months had to be very nerve-racking. At the time, it might have been hard for you to realize, but you provided me with the best learning opportunity a future teacher can have. In these few weeks, I was able to grow as a teacher in so many ways, some of them that I previously thought were impossible. I gained confidence, classroom management skills, time management skills, and so much experience.

Years from now, I may have a student teacher come along and join my classroom. I will know exactly how he or she feels because I will have once walked in his or her shoes. When that day arrives, I hope that I will be able to create an everlasting impact on him or her like you created an everlasting impact on my life. Once again, thank you for welcoming me into your classroom with open arms. I will forever be grateful for the experience I gained with you and your students.
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