I knew moving into college that somewhere in between all the warm welcomes and busy days I would get lonely and miss home and almost wish I had just stayed home.

I remember walking into my small room holding a box full of "Maybe this will feel like home" decorations and praying to god that my roommate and I would get along. As worried as I was I knew that whatever happens was for the best and I was right. Now only two months out from it being one whole year since I walked into that room and started a new chapter of my life, I can say that if I gained anything, it was definitely my best friend.

Of course, two is always better than one.

While meeting Sam was amazing, I also met her twin sister. I was lucky enough to gain two best friends instead of just one. Between the three of us, our adventures seemed to only get more memorable and fun and because if that, time flew by. I had the hardest time understanding how one school year could just disappear in front of my face. The next thing I knew I was hugging them both goodbye at three in the afternoon, with all of us wearing the matching slippers, holding back tears and wishing them a safe twelve hour drive home to Florida.

Now it's been half a month

It has been almost one month since I packed up everything, including my best friends as we parted ways for this short time. It feels weird not being able to see them everyday, to not wake up to Sam's snoring and to her playing solitaire on her phone struggling to find her glasses. In some ways it's almost not fair that WCU allowed me to meet such amazing people and then took them from me for a couple of months. Being back home and away from college is almost a culture shock. I forgot how different it is to come home and not have absolute total control over your time schedule like I do in college. It reminds me that there is still more in this world than small town Cullowhee.

August will not come soon.

I know no matter how much I could hope that August shows up tomorrow and move in starts the ten day countdown that it is still a ways away. I left Western with tons of lessons learned and a total surprise from what I had expected. I changed my major, my roommate turned out to be my best friend and I learned life is harder than most expect, even in college. I owe the biggest thank you to my roommate and others who really made college feel more like home, even now that I am home. In smaller words, ill always be grateful for my twenty thousand dollar debt for at least giving me my roomies, who will always be worth more than that.