A Thank You Letter To The Best Teacher Ever

A Thank You Letter To The Best Teacher Ever

"A teacher affects eternity- he can never tell where his influence stops"

During our time in school, we all have many teachers- some we feel indifferent about, some we loathe, and the special ones that stand out to us as the best of the best. A good teacher can make or break a school year for a student and some of us are lucky enough to have more than one of these teachers. The best teachers go the extra mile to connect with their students and we may have never given them the thanks that they truly deserve.

So hey teacher, thanks for doing all of these things for me:

Being hard on me

Sometimes I just need that extra push of confidence or other times for someone to sit me down and be real with me. I appreciate all of the times you gave me constructive criticism, even if it meant hours of extra work to get that good grade. Thank you for being able to be hard on me when you knew it could allow me to do better.

Being honest with me

That paper that I wrote at midnight the night before it was due? I knew it wasn't good. Thank you for being able to kindly tell me that and help me to work on making it better.

Motivating me

With tons of classes each having their own assignments, it is very easy to get stressed out. Thank you for motivating me to push myself when I was up to my eyeballs in work, or even when I was having just an off day.

Making class fun

Sometimes class can be painfully boring, we both know it's true. But you always created fun and engaging assignments and activities for class that made learning something I had no interest in, fun. Thank you for putting that extra time and effort in so that we could all learn something that was required but also have fun doing it.

Teaching me life lessons

Whether you knew it or not, you taught me more than just a subject in school. The best kinds of teachers give criticism, advice and compliments that stay with their students for life. Thank you for being one of those teachers to me.

Giving me advice

Not all teachers can double as a therapist, but you're not all teachers. Thank you for the advice you gave me for my paper, a problem I was having, or whatever it may have been.

Being patient with me

Not everything comes naturally for everyone. Thank you for being the kind of teacher I felt I could always go to for extra help so that I could work through what I was struggling with.

Putting up with my class

Or kids in general. It takes a special kind of person to be able to put up with kids all day every day, but you are a natural at it. So for the kids who are quiet and even the trouble-makers, thank you for putting up with all of us.

Having a passion for teaching

Some teachers you can tell, don't want to be there. You are the kind of teacher that has such a joy and passion for teaching that it is contagious to your students and makes us more excited for class. Thank you for letting your passion shine.

All the time you put in

I can't imagine how many hours upon hours of you free time were spent grading projects and papers, creating assignments, making lesson plans, and even spending your own money so that our class could do something fun, get extra supplies for us, or have a pizza party. Thank you for the time and effort you put into class. (It didn't go unnoticed.)

Making us laugh

If you were telling a corny joke, being goofy, or making a funny mistake, you always were making me laugh. Thank you for being funny whether you meant to or not.

You go above and beyond to be the best teacher that you can be, and it really stuck out to me. It was a privilege to have you as a teacher, I enjoyed your class, and wanted you to know that when I think of the best teacher I ever had, you immediately come to mind.


A student

Cover Image Credit: hbaonline.com

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Cover Image Credit: Angelica Catusco

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Stories From A Broken Girl

This was written sophomore year of high school when I felt this way.

I have too many lines to memorize and I can’t keep up.

I have way too many voices in my head telling me what to do, what to say next.

I don’t know how people can’t see me losing my mind; it’s so obvious.

I can’t understand it. Not a single person has seen all of me; not one; because sometimes I don’t think I’m ready for that.

I feel so hostile and I can’t turn it off. I have no control over me.

I feel unrest and all I can do is stress, but at least you are so entertained by the words I'm saying.

I speak too many stories to keep us entertained and you seem amused.

I can’t stop speaking and you can’t stop believing; I can’t stop because you stay with me when most times everyone leaves.

I tell them when I know they will make us feel better. Sometimes anything will, but that doesn’t bother me.

I thrive under pressure, and when you need me.

And I am 10,000 miles under the sea and my head just might explode, but I like to not think about that.

Distracting you is no easy task, but I'm up for the challenge.

I can be your poet. I can be your reality. I can be your entertainment.

I can be all you need. Watching you listen so intently makes me think maybe we are both worth it; we are both worth saving.

I like to yell and scream, and sometimes I can’t breathe.

I spin and I spin and I drive myself crazy to get the right words to speak.

And I don’t get how you can still watch me. How can you still listen to me?

I don’t understand, and perhaps I never will, but that’s fine by me as long as you stay.

Don’t stop listening.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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