We all know the second we get back on campus, we can expect our mothers to send a barrage of texts not only about whether we got there safe but on almost every aspect of our lives. We love her to death, but she needs to be informed of what her "sweet little baby" is doing now that we aren't under the same roof. Here are 16 texts you will get from your mom when you're away at college.

1. "Drive safely, and text me when you get there!"

When we are half a mile down the road, without fail, our phone's light up with this message or some other form of it. She just told us this before we left the house, but I guess we needed that extra reminder just in case.

2. "Are you there yet?/Thanks for the text!"

Let's face it: most of us forget to text our moms once we arrive on campus. You either have the concerned mother or the sarcastic one, sometimes both.

3. "How are your classes going?"

It's not even the end of syllabus week, and she expects a full report. "They're going fine, Mother. Yes, I finished my first assignment of printing out the syllabus."

4. Did you make any new friends?"

Okay, not so much in your second year or beyond, but definitely within the first week of your freshman year. She is so concerned about whether you've made friends and fit in that she has to remind you that you have social anxiety and run from anyone who looks like they may start talking to you.

5. "Are you eating?"

Without her providing lunch money every morning and a full meal for us at the dinner table, she frets over whether we are still capable of consuming food. "Yeah, Mom. One square meal a day."

6. "Call me please."

Uh oh. This can't be good. Either you have seriously messed up, or you just have been ignoring her texts for too long. No way around this one.

7. "Hey, I deposited the money."

Oh, sweet heaven! This is the best text you can hope to receive from your mother. It means you now have the means to temporarily enjoy your life by spending money on a night out with friends or a shopping spree for more clothes, POP Figures, or other decorations and "necessities" for your college experience.

8. "Don't forget your credit card bill."

And here's the text you receive at the end of the month when you realize you've spent way more than you can afford on your own. Time to ask Mom to deposit more money.

9. "Lol. I'll ttyl. I love you!"

We really needed to get out of texting her so we could enjoy our day/night, so we came up with a bullsh*t excuse on how we can't text anymore. She attempts to connect with the "lingo" and reminds us she will always love us.

10. "Did you find a girl/boyfriend?"

Just like the rest of our lives, our moms need to be up-to-date on the state of our love lives. Let's try to be as discreet as possible.

11. "Get some rest/Take a nap."

Even from miles away, our moms need to make sure we are well-rested. Let's thank our individual gods that she can't give us a bedtime anymore.

12. "Get out of your room/Go hangout with your friends."

Back to the social anxiety. We need to constantly remind her.

13. *Picture of your pet* "_______ says hi!"

Thanks for reminding me of how much I miss them. And he/she definitely doesn't look like they're saying "Hi."

14. "How was your weekend?"

You don't want to know, Mom. You'd probably be disappointed in my decisions...

15. Are you coming home Thursday or Friday?"

You can almost imagine her sitting on the couch staring at the door or out the window and patiently awaiting your return like a loyal pet.

16. "Call me if you ever need anything."

You can rest at ease miles away knowing that no matter where you go in your life, your mom will always have your back.

We love you, Moms!