10 Ways To Prepare For Finals
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Guys, it's official: There are less than 3 weeks left of classes. That means that (insert heavy sigh here) finals are almost upon us! Don't freak out because I put together a list of things to do in order to help you do as best as you can on all your finals!

1.) Take a long shower.

Showers are the perfect place to gather your thoughts, let out a good cry, sing your heart out, and make sure you're ready to go! Grab one the night before your final or the morning of.

2.) Eat before you take your first exam of the day.


One of the biggest distractions for me when taking an exam is thinking about how hungry I am. Grab a bowl of cereal or fruit before you walk out the door keep these thoughts at bay.

3.) Relax with your favorite movie.

Studying 24/7 isn't going to work. Our bodies and brains need time to rest and rejuvenate, so now is the perfect time to re-watch "The Notebook" for the 15th time.

4.) Hang out with your friends.

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It doesn't matter if you guys are working on the same class or not, but studying in a group forces you to get more done and allows everyone some more bonding time before the summer break.

5.) Stalk your favorite celebrity Instagram... again.

Looking at pictures of your favorite celebrity can help you relax and make you feel better if you get too stressed (if anyone asks, I was NOT on Noah Centineo's page).

6.) Discover a new hairstyle.


Summer is almost here, so why not try to find a hairstyle to rock when it gets here?

7.) Get some exercise.

Go for a walk, whether it's at the gym or outdoors. Or rent a bike if your school has a bike share program.

8.) Listen to your favorite jams.


Find your headphones, go to Spotify, and put on your favorite playlist to help you calm down and destress.

9.) Remember to sleep.

Pulling all-nighters is not going to help you. Remember to get adequate rest and stick to a sleep schedule you will follow.

10.) Study!!!


Keeping in mind the rest of the list, the main way to prepare for finals is to study for them. A little bit at a time everyday switching up the subjects will be the best method (unless you have one specifically for yourself). Make sure you know the material and can recite it to others.

Just remember to relax and try your best! You got this!

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