Reasons I Love My Dog

As a dog mom, I am obligated to take thousands of pictures of my favorite four-legged friend. As Odyssey readers, you are now obligated to laugh, smirk, and 'aweee' at them.

1. She's just so darn cute! 

Bryanna McCool

I mean, look at that face

2. She likes to nap as much as I do!

Bryanna McCool

Because dogs make great cuddle buddies!

3. She's a crazy ball of energy

Bryanna McCool

I mean, she NEVER slows down... well, unless she's napping

4. She likes sandwiches 

Bryanna McCool

Who doesn't like a good sandwich?

5. She knows how to get comfortable. 

Bryanna McCool

Comfort is KEY.

6. She's got a nice smile. 

Bryanna McCool

How can you say no to that face??

7. She'll cuddle with you ANYWHERE! 

Bryanna McCool

Who doesn't love a good cuddle?

8. She's silly 

Bryanna McCool

Because every puppy has this adorable quality- mine just has more than yours.

9. She loves to be close to me

Bryanna McCool

10. She's my BEST FRIEND

Bryanna McCool

From naps to car rides, we're never apart.

As a pit bull, my baby- Scout- can get a bad wrap. She's the sweetest girl I know, and I hope these pictures have shown you her silly sweet side.

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