The 10 Stages Of Job Searching After College
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Student Life

The 10 Stages Of Job Searching After College

It's rough, but it'll all be worth it. I hope.

The 10 Stages Of Job Searching After College
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I've been out of school for over a month now, and what have I been doing? Well, besides spending quality time with the neighbor's dog, I've been job searching for about 1,000 hours a week. How's it going you ask? Well, let me explain the stages of "big kid job" hunting.

1. Excitement

Yeah! I graduated! Now I don't have to worry about classes and tests, and I can finally get a job in my field doing what I love all day! This is going to be awesome! I can't wait to get a job!

2. Accomplishment

Okay. I've applied for about 15 jobs so far. I'll keep looking, but something has to happen soon doesn't it? I mean, I can't get denied from all of those places without at least having an interview first, can I?

3. Insanity

With each cover letter I write, I go a little more insane. The process eventually starts to look like this.

4. Desperation

Okay. I've applied to every job I've found online. Someone, anyone, please hire me.

5. Disappointment

Oh, a number I don't recognize is calling me. It's probably someone calling to schedule an interview! Oh... it's just a telemarketer. I got my hopes up so high, only to be shot down so far. The same goes for emails from recruitment addresses that turn out to just be denial letters.

6. Anxiousness

WOO! I finally scored an interview. But now I have to make sure everything is perfect. I need the perfect outfit, I need my resume to be spotless, I need to practice my dialogue. So much to do, but I have to nail this. I can't keep endlessly applying.

7. The waiting game

My interview went as well as it could have. I gave it my all, but was it good enough? Time to spend all my time making sure I'm available for that "you're hired" call.

8. Treating yourself

You know, I think I did really well in that interview. I'll probably get the job. I should go do something nice for myself for surviving the hunt. I mean, I'll have a steady income soon, it shouldn't hurt, right?

9. Celebration

I finally got an acceptance phone call! Time to start working again. Doing what I love, making money for it, and most importantly, no more applications and cover letters! Score!

10. The adult realization.

Okay, I have a job, cool. Except now I have to start being responsible. What do you mean paying off my loans is a better use of my money than buying all the food, fun stuff and dogs that I want?

No matter what stage you're currently in, try not to worry too much. Someone will realize your potential soon and it'll all be worth it. It's tough, but we're all in this together. Stay strong, and good luck.

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